Laura Doyle

How to Have an Intimate, Passionate, Peaceful Relationship: The Master Series by Laura Doyle

1. The Root of Control

Do you have some controlling tendencies? If so, how did you get that way and how can you stop? Learn how you can break your habit and why it won’t be as hard as you might think.

2. Get More Power by Relinquishing Control

Wives often say “I felt oppressed and overburdened BEFORE I surrendered. Now I feel relaxed and cherished.” You will too when you follow these simple steps.

3. The Fast Track to Emotional Intimacy

Use these phrases to create tenderness and emotional closeness. Learn the simple secret to making an ordinary husband into a hero.

4. Why it’s Better to Receive than to Give

You can’t make your husband help out or give you things, but you can inspire him to want to please you. Here’s how.

5. Save Your Marriage with Self-Care

You may feel selfish at first, but pampering yourself is the first critical step to having a happier marriage and a stronger family. Here’s how to get started.

6. How You Can Have Lifelong Love with Intimacy Skills

Every relationship will improve with intimacy skills. Find out how your relationship will benefit from this practical program.

7. Put More Passion in Your Marriage

What makes you more desirable to him? The answer may surprise you.

8. Stop Fighting About Money Forever

Discover how to avoid the #1 thing couples fight about. You’ll be surprised at how your husband will rise to the occasion. Improve your family’s prosperity without working any harder.

9. Surrendering Success Stories

Hear true stories from other Surrendered Wives who have imperfectly but effectively transformed their relationships into intimate unions using these principles.

10. Get More Help from Your Husband

If you know what you need and know how to communicate it, there’s nothing your husband won’t do to help you. Really.

11. Stop Fights Before They Start

Learn to recognize the familiar way you and your husband start to tangle. You can single-handedly stop the friction before it starts and create a peaceful household.

12. What He Wants Most (It’s not sex!)

Give your husband the one thing men crave most from their wives and unlock your man’s desire to please you.

13. How to Talk so He Can Hear You

Use these simple techniques to express your desires and watch how he responds to you like he did when you were dating.

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