The Common Dating Blunder that (Formerly) Kept Me Single

The Common Dating Blunder that (Formerly) Kept Me Single

By Katherine Wong-Velasco, Laura Doyle Certified Coach

I started dating when I was twelve years old. I thought I was the expert on men! I had twelve relationships before meeting my husband. However, they all had a way of not working out.

I made a wish that I would settle down with a good guy before I turned thirty. But my thirtieth birthday came and went, and nothing happened.

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New Year, New You

New Year, New You

6 Reasons 2018 Will Be Your Best Relationship Year Yet

New Year’s Day is like a brand new notebook waiting to be filled with accounts of your organized, nutritious, fit, accomplished, prosperous life with your loving mate.

Of course, you can make your life better any time of the year, but there’s something inspiring about January, as though she is holding up the vision you have for yourself in a way that other months don’t.

That’s not the only reason that now is the time to take action that will have you looking back at the year with a sense of gratification and accomplishment–especially if your dream is to feel madly, deeply loved and adored every day for life.

You may be thinking that I don’t know the challenges you’re facing or how much you’re struggling right now. Things may be rough for you in the love department.

But here’s what I do know: Now, more than ever, forces are collaborating for your greatest happiness in the area of love.

I can explain.

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How to Fix My Broken Marriage

How to Fix My Broken Marriage

How to Fix My Broken Marriage

3 Missing Ingredients to Make it Better, Faster

How do you fix your marriage when it’s been so hard for so long that you just don’t feel like trying anymore?

If you were one of the blog readers who asked that question last week, you reminded me of how exhausting that is. It’s awful.

When you’re already drained, the idea that there’s one more thing you need to do to fix the relationship makes you want to go back to bed! Especially when you know that most of the problems are with your partner’s attitude and actions (or lack thereof).

You’ve been working hard to heal your relationship and being honest about what you need from him, but he never changes and it’s very lonely.

That’s how I felt over 20 years ago, but I haven’t felt that way in a long time.

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My Husband Is Passive-Aggressive

My Husband Is Passive-Aggressive

My Husband Is Passive-Aggressive

What Makes Him So Hostile and How You Can Cause a Miracle

If your man says things that are subtly insulting and hurtful but then acts like you’re the one who is overreacting, it can be crazy making.

At times you wonder how you can ever win when he mopes around and won’t say what’s wrong. If all you’re getting is the silent treatment, how do you respond to that? It’s frustrating and lonely to live that way.

And what about when he agrees to do things that you’ve asked him to do but doesn’t do them? How do you bring up that the light in the basement is still broken–even though he’s been promising to fix it for three weeks–without causing a fight?

I used to wonder myself and feel hopeless that there was anything I could do about my husband’s poor behavior. But now I have a go-to that changes everything.

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Should I Get a Divorce?

Should I get a Divorce

Should I Get a Divorce?

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Decide

Ending your marriage is a huge decision, and since you’re reading this article, clearly you’re not taking it lightly. It’s probably weighed heavily on you for a long time, which is so tiring.

Nobody considers divorce unless they’re really hurting and hopeless that things will get better.

You’d like answers. What’s the best path? Which choice will make you happier in the long run?

No expert can tell you what’s right for you. Only you know if it’s best for you to end your marriage.

But that doesn’t mean you need to make such a big decision all alone.

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They’ll help you get clarity–and maybe even find the wisdom you need at such a tough time in your life.

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