When to Leave a Relationship

When to Leave a Marriage

If you’re thinking of leaving your relationship, it’s because you’re feeling lonely, hurt and hopeless about it ever getting better. I still remember how terrible that felt and how much relief I felt thinking about escaping my marriage for those very reasons. That pain was real! The part that wasn’t so real was my fantasy… Read More »

How to Live with an Emotionally Distant Husband

How to Live with an Emotionally Distant Husband

Who wants to live with an emotionally distant husband? I think it’s safe to say nobody! If your husband neglects you emotionally and sexually, the wall between you can feel insurmountable and so discouraging. A sure sign of emotional detachment in marriage is that you’re lonely, and when that goes on for a while it… Read More »

How to Tell Your Husband He Hurt Your Feelings

How to Tell Someone They Hurt You

When your husband is harsh, thoughtless or downright mean, of course you want him to stop. If you’re anything like I was, you want him to feel embarrassed or ashamed so he won’t do that again! And since he promised to love you in front of God and everybody, it stands to reason that letting… Read More »

How to Rebuild Your Marriage during a Separation

How to Rebuild Your Marriage During a Separation

If your husband is moving out but you want to save the marriage, it can be terrifying. Separation affects everything. Your whole life is being turned upside down without your consent, leaving you feeling powerless and heartbroken. If you still love your husband but are separated, it’s devastating. This is not what you signed up… Read More »

How to Rekindle a Marriage

How to Rekindle a Marriage

When the man who vowed to be with you forever changes his mind, it’s a slap in the face, a punch in the gut and a knife to the heart, all at the same time. I wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on anybody. If you’re asking yourself how you got here when you never… Read More »