Sealed With A Kiss

By Empowered Wife Sheri  I thought that I was well seasoned when it came to the daily demands that come with being a military spouse of more than 20 years. I felt like I had achieved a perfect work-life balance, first as an accomplished journalist and public relations director, then a blissful stay-at-home mom, and… Read More »

Four Reasons Marriage Eludes Professional Women

Professional Women

“How can I find my husband?” the pretty chiropractor asked in her coaching session. “That’s the main thing that’s missing in my life–someone great to share it with. I thought I would be married by now.” She’s not the only one. Millions of single women–many bright and accomplished–wonder the same thing. They’ve said yes to… Read More »

What Women with Lifelong Romance Believe: A Jewish Perspective

A Christian, a Muslim, a Jew and an Atheist walk into a blog…it sounds like the beginning of a joke, right? It’s actually my introduction to my new occasional blog series; What Women with Lifelong Romance Believe. It turns out the urge to control or improve your husband––along with the tendency to become disrespectful and… Read More »