I Am Exhausted

I am Exhausted

Marissa, Laura Doyle Certified Coach In my house, I did it all. If a diaper needed to be changed, I changed it. If a last-minute doctor visit was needed, I rearranged my schedule. If the house was dirty, I cleaned it. I was exhausted from handling the majority of the childcare and household responsibilities. I… Read More »

My Husband Irritates Me

By Sara, Laura Doyle Certified Coach I had a hard time talking with my husband from the beginning. Sitting in the lobby of some hotel, I would feel stifled at his choice of topics for conversation. I felt pressured to read up before we met so that I would look at least somewhat intelligent. I’d… Read More »

From Roommates to Romantics

By Jo, Empowered Wife In 2005, I met the man of my dreams: funny, outgoing, romantic, passionate, talented, smart, kind, caring, generous and extremely sexy! I felt incredible when I was with him. We were engaged eight months later and married soon after. After nine years of the ups and downs of married life, I… Read More »

My Husband Betrayed Me

By Empowered Wife Rachel At the age of 20, I met my husband to be. He was charming, a true gentleman with such a beautiful heart. I fell in love quickly, and the next year we were married. I was so happy to be a wife and full of anticipation about the life we would… Read More »

How I Got My Happily-Ever-After Back

By Sue, Laura Doyle Certified Coach Once upon a time, there was a prince named Gregory who came across a fair maiden lady named Sue. And as the story goes, after it took them so long to find one another, they were destined to live happily ever after–or so they thought. The differences between us… Read More »