Feminine is the New Feminism

Here’s the latest tele-class: Feminine is the New Feminism.

What exactly does it mean to be feminine? Some people think of it as dumbing down or pretending to be less than you are, but I don’t know any modern woman who would go for that. I figured there had to be more to it than that, as half of all of us on the planet have feminine bodies, minds and spirits. But what exactly does it look like to be authentically feminine?

For me, trying on the idea of being feminine again was a revelation. At first it was uncomfortable because it felt unfamiliar. I’d been trying to man-up for quite a while. I didn’t even realize how exhausting that was because I was so used to it. I figured I had to be tough to get what I wanted.

I was wrong.

Taking a feminine approach led me to having the kind of romance that I had always yearned for. Honoring my feminine nature also brought me so much pleasure. I felt more attractive, desirable, and dignified. It was a huge relief.

All this from playing to my strengths as a woman. And letting my man play to his strengths as a man.

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