It’s Transforming Him Too

It’s Transforming Him Too

Working on you is so important.

You are a treasure and it is worth the investment of your time, and even your resources, to figure out who you are, what your true desires are, and how to ignite your feminine spirit.

The truth is, the growth and transformation you see in yourself will transform your man, too.

I want you to watch this short video. This is a clip from our “Man Panel” at our last Cherished for Life Weekend. I love the stories of transformation we hear from women around the world daily, but I cherish the stories from the men, too.

Watch this:

(P.S. You might need a tissue!) hehehe love…

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6 thoughts on “It’s Transforming Him Too”

  1. As I write this, my husband is waiting for new tires to be put on my car! This is the first time in 49 years of marriage that he’s done that! Usually he says he’s not going to waste his time, it’s my car, not his!

    I’ve read your book and am working on letting him make the decisions, using ” whatever you think, honey”, in response to him.
    It’s not easy to do, but I’m trying to let him make the decisions. He picked out the tires he felt were best for me, and told me he’d go today and get them.

    The other day I didn’t say anything when he almost missed a turn, bit my tongue, and he laughed about it and said thanks for not telling him where to turn!
    I’m amazed! Now I’m going back and rereading and highlighting because 49 years of telling him what to do is going to take a lot of work to change my habits!
    Thank you for this information!

    • Allene, Your post made my day! Thanks so much for sharing your great results with your husband. I love hearing this! Congrats on having the courage to defer to your husbands thinkings. And 49 years! Wow! I admire that very much.

  2. Mrs. Doyle I just wanted to say that after several months of my marriage being in real “crisis” mode I found you on the web and signed up for your webinar last week. I was crying before to far in and knew I had found the answer I had been praying for. I ordered all of your books and have been reading them the past few days. I saw myself immediately within the first few pages and was crying. I saw that even though I had blamed “every” problem on my husband that wasn’t the case and that I had done more than my fair share of creating the crisis. I realized that due to things in my childhood, a previous “bad” marriage, being a single mom to a disabled child, and many more things that I always had to be in control to the point I had made my husband feel less in every way. I tried the start of the principles yesterday morning when we sit down to try to work past our latest argument. I have to tell you I immediately saw a change in my husband. He opened up in ways he never has. Some of the things he had to say were painfully true in the way that I had made him feel less. I apologized immediately and told him how I wanted to change and that now I felt I was gaining the “tools” needed to do that . We had a long heartfelt talk about many things and for the first time in months reconnected on a level I feared was gone. We both have hope now. We spent the remainder of a very peaceful, loving day actually laughing and playing together and enjoying each other. And him telling me he was planning a special anniversary date for our upcoming anniversary. I’m not saying I don’t have a long ways to go to be a better me but, I saw immediate results in the man I love. I look forward to him coming home tonight and I now see him through much different eyes. Thank you!!

    • Sherry,
      Wow! I’m so impressed! Thanks for the inspiration and for your courage in sharing this so authentically. I admire your courage. Congratulations on the changes you’ve already started to make.

  3. I would love to hear more from the men’s pamel. Is there somewhere I could listen to more videos of them talking about the benefits of the 6 intimacy skills


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