Becoming a Happy Wife Just Got Easier. Introducing...

Get Unstuck, Create Massive Wins and Get on the Fastrack to Being a Happy Wife

For wives and girlfriends who want to fix their relationship fast without having to go it alone.

Right now, you’re desperate to have a respectful, peaceful, happy relationship, BUT…

You feel FRUSTRATED with the response you’re getting from your man and you’re TRYING HARD to make him understand what you need.  

You are SICK and TIRED of trying to talk it out AGAIN, and the TENSION and HOSTILITY are exhausting.  

You're ALMOST READY TO GIVE UP ON making the relationship work and have no idea how to get him to listen or change, or if that’s even possible.  

You find yourself thinking…  

“Am I with the wrong man?”  

“Will I ever be happy in this relationship?”  

“Do I have to just suck it up and suffer with his issues for the rest of my life?"  


Fixing your relationship takes FOCUS, and trying to figure everything out alone will leave you feeling DRAINED, DEPLETED, and DEPRESSED. 

There’s a PROVEN way to become a woman who feels desired, taken care of and special in a way that ACTUALLY feels good...

I’ve created a complete system that allows you to do WAY less work and get a MUCH BETTER response from your guy, and the core of this system is my world-famous framework and a certified relationship coach to help you implement it in a small group.  

This isn’t just “another relationship program.” This is a LIFE-CHANGING relationship program.  

     ENROLL NOW!     

Listen, I KNOW a lot of experts are telling you that you have to COMPROMISE on what you want in your relationship.

But Guess What?

That’s just a recipe for resentment and wall-to-wall hostility. When you stop compromising and start using my proven framework instead…  

You Get What You Want! And So Does He 


The best part is, you won’t have to bargain, beg, negotiate or repeat yourself to get the things you’ve always wanted because he’ll be taking initiative to delight you on his own.  

The Ridiculously Happy Wife is a monthly membership program that teaches you the specific steps to start feeling desired, taken care of and special and gives you access to an expert to help you apply them to your situation.  


  • Replenish your spirit and BRING BACK THE FUN, laughter and playfulness.  
  • Reveal YOUR INNER MAGNETISM anytime you want--all while being completely authentic.  
  • Inspire your husband to do more housework and take initiative to fix things so you have LESS STRESS AND RESPONSIBILITY.  
  • Feel DESIRED AND CHERISHED with more gifts, help, heartfelt compliments and special treatment.  
  • Spark authentic, accountable APOLOGIES when he hurts you.  
  • Experience your husband wanting to be YOUR HERO because he wants to make you happy.  
  • Create your relationship according to YOUR VISION, instead of having to tolerate his defects, with the “how to change your guy” skill. 
  • Enjoy TENDERNESS AND EMOTIONAL SAFETY when you put an end to verbal abuse and temper tantrums. 
  • RESTORE TRUST even if he flirts with other women, or HAS another woman.  
  • Create a PEACEFUL HOME, free of tension, full of deep conversations. 
  • Restore your DIGNITY and still get what you want--maybe more than ever.  
  • MAKE FIREWORKS and feel PURSUED in the bedroom even if you’ve been in a sexless marriage.  


The Ridiculously Happy Wife is a LIVE online group coaching experience that teaches you exactly how to create a playful, passionate relationship while being totally authentic.  

ESPECIALLY IF you have been to marriage counseling and been told it’s hopeless. EVEN IF you’re married to an addict, a cheater, or a physical abuser. EVEN IF your man has a mental disorder like narcissism, ADD, anxiety, depression, bipolar or autism. EVEN IF he’s already left and has another woman. EVEN IF he says he doesn’t love you and never did. EVEN IF he’s filed for divorce and says he won’t change his mind. EVEN IF you’ve STRUGGLED to figure this out on your own.  

Bedroom Eyes. Belly Laughing. Deep Conversations. Spontaneous “I LOVE YOUs.” A Peaceful Home.

...and a LOT of hand holding along the way.  

Let me ask you a question…  

When is the last time you felt AT EASE in your relationship? 

The steps I teach in the Ridiculously Happy Wife help you feel connected and safe WITHOUT manipulation or sacrificing your desires.

If You Are...

...TIRED of having a simple conversation turn into a huge blow-up ...SICK of feeling lonely even though you’re married ...and DESPERATE to have the relationship you dreamed of when you fell in love  

..then The Ridiculously Happy Wife is perfect for you.


Here’s a few examples of what my students have achieved…

Gwen’s husband ended his affair with the secretary and started spending all of his time with her. 

Connie’s husband not only called off the divorce and moved back in, he apologized to her parents for the stress he put their daughter through.

Leslie went from having a huge fight every couple of days to having less than one a month 3 months later.

Sondra went from feeling her husband had a personality disorder to him sweeping her off on dreamy getaways several times a year.

Bethany’s heavy-drinking husband became a moderate drinker. 

Hannah’s verbally abusive husband turned into her tender hero who can’t say enough about how wonderful she is.

IMPORTANT: Results like these are NOT TYPICAL in marriage counseling because The Ridiculously Happy Wife is NOT LIKE marriage counseling!  

Fixing a broken relationship is HARD. If you want results like these, it won’t happen from “trying to figure it out” on your own. “Trying to figure it out” on your own ONLY leads to increased stress, wasted time and more heartbreak.  


The Ridiculously Happy Wife is designed for wives and girlfriends who are in relationships that are struggling and want to create an amazing, vibrant relationship. Our students have fixed their marriages from:  

Affairs Chronic fighting or cold wars Estranged for years Separation Divorce pending Controlling husband Sexless for years Emotional and verbal abuse Drug and alcohol abuse Physical abuse Restraining order False accusations Mental disorders Porn addiction Feeling lonely and unloved  

(If you're STILL not sure if the Ridiculously Happy Wife will work for your relationship, just shoot me a question in the chatbox)

You can have a thriving relationship, full of intimacy, passion and peace. 

And, even BETTER you’ll be handling yourself in a way that FEELS GOOD.  

Here’s how having a “feels good” plan to follow looks:

...increasing CONFIDENCE because you are speaking calmly and with dignity  

...feeling CONNECTED with your man and all the other people you love  

...A DEEP SENSE of peace that comes from knowing that you’re loved and loveable everyday  

The Ridiculously Happy Wife is an all-in-one approach where you’ll learn:

  • How to EXPRESS YOURSELF so that he can hear you and you can deeply honor your desires and limits. 
  • How to ATTRACT YOUR MAN without asking, begging or even hinting. 
  • How to become your HAPPIEST, most fulfilled self.  
  • How to teach your man (and everyone else) how to TREAT YOU WELL
  • How to CREATE tenderness and WARMTH.  
  • How to be DIGNIFIED and SELF-POSSESSED even when breakdowns happen.  
  • How to feel DESIRED and TAKEN CARE OF without being manipulative or trying to make him understand. 

Time for Some #RealTalk

Just because you’re TRYING to fix your relationship DOESN’T mean you’re going to succeed and “trying to figure it out” on your own is NOT a solution. My students have fixed relationships that marriage counselors said were “hopeless” and made them playful and passionate again. They thrive year after year and grow old together while their kids enjoy a home-court advantage of parents who love each other.  

...But that only happened as a result of having a certified coach and the proven framework in my program.

They signed up because they TRIED to figure it out on their own and FAILED. They SUFFERED through months or even years of anxiety and stress, and went into further distress because they DIDN’T have a step-by-step system to follow and support to help them succeed.  

You have two choices…

Choice #1 

Keep wasting time and effort on “trying to figure it out” on your own.  

Choice #2 

Take 90 days to implement the CONNECTION FRAMEWORK that has worked for me and THOUSANDS of others...and watch your relationship become shiny and amazing again. 

The Ridiculously Happy Wife includes proven strategies and support that have allowed thousands of my students to experience REAL joy in their relationships, gain confidence about the future and feel deeply loved.


Value: over $3188 

  •  Get the breakthroughs you need now with unlimited group coaching calls
    with a Certified Laura Doyle Relationship Coach. Meet your future BFFs in this group,
    which meets for an hour online.

  • Get the answers to your questions, and also deep insights and light bulb moments about your relationship when you hear other women’s questions and answers during our monthly LIVE group Q&A calls.


  •  Hundreds of current students, certified coaches and my team members are in this very supportive SECRET group. Get peer support, inspiration and real-time solutions 24/7.  

  • AND...My popular online video course on 6 The Intimacy Skills: Value: $797  
  • Learn how to bring back the fun, the laughing and playfulness while you replenish your spirit. 
  • Make yourself the irresistible woman everyone wants to be around—including your man. 
  • Become carefree and cared-for while your man takes more initiative for housework, parenting and more. 
  • Video lessons walking you through each step of the formula 
  • Includes worksheets  
  • Discover how to receive gifts, compliments, help and special treatment so you feel cherished.
  • Learn what to do when you receive gifts and help that aren’t what you want. 
  • Get the formula for expressing your desires in a way that inspires so he’ll want to be your hero.
  • Video lessons walking you through each step of the formula 
  • Includes worksheets  
  • Get the “how to change your guy” formula no matter what you’re dealing with. 
  • Discover the 30-second secret to getting your man to say, “Let’s spend the day together”. 
  • Learn how to inspire him to want to be a better man for you and appreciate you more. 
  • Video lessons walking you through each step of the formula 
  • Includes worksheets  
  • Create peace by shutting down arguments and fights before they start 
  • Learn the best aphrodisiac for men and how and when to use it 
  • Discover how to foster deep conversations and intimate talks 
  • Video lessons walking you through each step of the formula 
  • Includes worksheets  


Value: $147 

  • Families experience greater prosperity when the wife studies and practices this bonus training. He gets a raise, a promotion, a bonus, starts a business, etc. 

Value: $147 

  • Skyrocket the passion! Make it steamy again and enjoy lovemaking more. If you’re currently in a sexless relationship, this will show you how to reverse that.  

These Bonuses Expire Soon... So Hurry!


Value: $197 

  • This will show you exactly what you can do that will draw your man back to you and what will send him running further away. Note: No manipulation involved.

Value: $197 

  • Learn how to make your man WANT to make you happy and cherish you even if he never does that now. 

Value: $197 

  • Hear the solutions to women's questions about how to get their husbands to listen, to be more affectionate, to spend more time with her, to iniate sex, to drop the other woman and move back in, to parent better.



IMPORTANT: Your bonuses will be unlocked IMMEDIATELY, but I recommend completing the core content first.


In a few minutes you could be on your way to having:

  • A peaceful home 
  • Deep conversations
  • Spontaneous kisses 
  • A thriving relationship 
  • And WAY LESS stress in your life 

So Enroll Now!

“He has already moved back into our apartment, and there is total peace in our home. We are joking more together. He is back to sleeping in our bed.” - Lauren 

“He’s been affectionate. He’s talked about “us” and our future. We were watching TV and he looked at me and said “I love you” for the first time since this all started. This was 100% unprompted.” - Bethany 

“My husband moved the other woman out of our retirement cabin and got her completely out of his life. We are physically intimate again and my husband is so excited about it. It’s a miracle." - Jessica 

We went shopping for a new washer and dryer. I let him know what features I wanted. He found one that suited me perfectly and it was great to not feel the weight of the decision just on me." - Renee 

I Know You've Been Telling Yourself

"I just need to… talk it out with him... get him to understand…"


After years of struggling and nearly ending my marriage, I’ve unlocked a simple system for making relationships amazing and vibrant… 

And it starts with you being Ridiculously Happy.  

You won’t believe just how quickly you’ll see results.  

Membership price: $297 a month  

Mandy: “This morning was the fourth morning in a row that I woke up to either sweet kisses, cuddling or an "I love you". At lunch this afternoon, my husband said he just wants to hang out with me more. He's making plans about what we can do together next Saturday. He also offered to take my laptop in for repairs by himself so that I could stay home and rest.”

Cassie: “My husband just apologized for ‘being a jerk’ the other night! I received graciously and said “thank you.” Win!”

Belinda: “I said "I miss you" to my husband this morning on his way out the door and he responded with "I miss you too" and initiated love making!!! YES!!!”

Lauren: “My husband seems to want to spend a lot more time with me!!! A LOT more. :) Just earlier today, we were chatting but I'd said I need to get going to get my homework done. I was really enjoying talking with him though so I stayed around. And then he said: "I know you need to get your homework done but I'm enjoying this!" Also, there’s lots of physical connection. Not just in the bedroom but in passing, on walks, in the kitchen."


Results like these are ONLY possible for students enrolled in the Ridiculously Happy Wife. You simply won’t get results like these by “trying to figure it out” on your own with one of my books or even going to marriage counseling.

Creating a peaceful, passionate relationship when your relationship is falling apart is HARD. My students, coaches and I have been EXACTLY where you are now and have made it to the other side so DO NOT waste time trying to reinvent the wheel.

The Ridiculously Happy Wife will teach you exactly how to become desired, taken care of and special...I’ll be helping you every step of the way.

Soon you’ll have renewed connection, easy conversations, a relationship you feel confident about and way less stress in your life. enroll NOW.  

The Ridiculously Happy Wife Membership Includes:

Unlimited Group Coaching Calls
Monthly Q&A Call with Laura
24/7 access to the course community
Modules with over 20 video trainings and worksheets
Starts NOW!
$297 a month
No contracts • Cancel anytime  

Look, I used to go to sleep angry and exhausted about my relationship every night.

I felt hopelessly alone.

Marriage counseling didn’t help. Nobody I knew could help me fix the problems that went on for years in my marriage. Divorce seemed like my best option.  

What worked for me to get the marriage I have now, and what is still essential to this day was not just knowing what to do (which is vital!) but also having other women around me who were doing the same thing.  

They helped me feel less crazy and alone, which gave me the reassurance I needed to be courageous and succeed.  

20 years later I still rely on sharing authentically with other women and I still get excited hearing their miraculous stories.  

That’s how I keep my relationship shiny.  

Now, I’m a happy wife with a marriage that is full of playfulness, passion and deep conversations...but it wasn’t always that way.  

I’ll never forget how painful it was when my marriage was falling apart.  

Since that time, I’ve developed a complete system for fixing your marriage and becoming a happy wife and it’s available to you NOW for a limited time only.  

My program, The Ridiculously Happy Wife, leads you through every single step of my proven approach to creating a playful, passionate relationship that you feel confident about. 


14-Day Money Back Guarantee
if you apply the program 

Our programs consistently attract the BEST students because we have a strict “do the work” return policy in place.

 We are confident that if you complete the program and implement what you learn, you WILL get results.  

If you DO THE WORK but are not satisfied, you may request a refund by emailing within 14 days of purchase.  

So, if you want to enroll just to take a look around...don’t bother.  

This program is ONLY for those who are committed to giving it their best shot.  

In a few minutes you could be on your way to having:  

  • A peaceful home
  • Deep conversations and spontaneous kisses
  • A thriving relationship
  • And WAY LESS stress in your life enroll NOW.  

Stop expecting yourself to figure things out alone and go ALL IN so you can have your amazing and vibrant relationship. This is our MOST affordable coaching program EVER.  

The Ridiculously Happy Wife will give you the specific insights, actions and live support you need to fix your relationship and become a happy wife.

Q. How do I know if The Ridiculously Happy Wife Program is right for me?
There are three types of women who benefit the most from this program.
1. You’re tired of fighting all the time or having cold wars where there’s no talking for days and you’re wondering if it can ever be happy and peaceful (Hint: This program shows you how to do it).
2. You’re a wife or girlfriend who’s tired of feeling lonely, exhausted and frustrated with your relationship and you wonder if it can ever be playful and passionate. (Of course it can! It’s just that no one ever taught you how to get what you want the EASY way and you’ve been doing it the HARD way.)
3. Your relationship is in crisis, like an affair, a separation or a pending divorce and you want to save it but you're afraid it’s too late. (OMG, NO. Sign up for this program or for our one-on-one relationship coaching program already so we can do this!)
If you fit one of the profiles above and you’re ready to make a change, then this program is perfect for you.
You won’t believe just how quickly you can get back to having tenderness, special attention and your hero at the ready.  

Q. So, what exactly do I get when I enroll today?
When you enroll today, you’ll get immediate access to an exclusive membership portal where all your course materials are stored.
You’ll receive access to the course community, and you’ll be eligible to attend unlimited live monthly group coaching calls with one of my certified coaches and a live monthly Q&A call with me.
Each module is full of videos and worksheets designed to help you get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Q. Does this course work if my husband is a narcissist?
Yes. It DEFINITELY works if your husband is a narcissist. I’ll let Karie (name changed to protect her privacy) explain in her own unprompted words:
“I myself have done ‘everything’--counseling, marriage counseling, read every book to fix my marriage with my man, who meets criteria for narcissism. But I have to agree with Laura! I was doing the WRONG WORK!!
“It’s NOT always hopeless like conventional and even clinical knowledge would have you think. Laura’s teachings have been helping me and many other women married to men who are diagnosed as narcissists create an environment where the symptoms rarely rear their head--and when they do, you have the tools to take care of yourself --instead of living in misery and despair.
“Try this program and get a coach--you’ve got nothing to lose but the suffering. You won’t know if it works for you unless you actually go for a deep dive for yourself for an extended period of time. Leaving is always an option and so is doing this course!” 

Q. How much time will it take for me to see results?
You’ll spend about an hour watching videos each week and implementing what you learn over several weeks. You could watch all the videos in just a day or two, but I don’t recommend that. As for how quickly you get results, that’s entirely up to you. Many students say they feel like they have a new husband in about two weeks.
It’s up to you to apply the program and implement what you learn, and your results will depend on how quickly you do that.

Q. Will this work if HE is controlling? Yes. You’re going to have my system for teaching him how to treat you well. You’ll know what to do and say to honor yourself and get a tender, thoughtful response and even a sincere apology.  

Q. Is there a program for my husband? He needs to work on the relationship too! Maybe there is a program for your husband somewhere. But you can’t make him study it or do what it says. But you learning this program will make him respond to you much better. Promise. 

Q. Can’t I just figure this out on my own with a book? Not if you want results quickly. Not if you want those results to last. Consider this program your Fast Track Pass. Each day you postpone signing up for this program is another missed opportunity for fixing your relationship and becoming a happy wife.  

Q: Why Group Coaching?
I created this program because I discovered that the students who were the most successful and making the fastest progress toward passionate, playful relationships were in my exclusive group program (starting at $15,000) where we 1) meet regularly for six months 2) have a group and 3) provide coaching.
I want that success for every student, so I replicated the elements that made those students successful and created The Ridiculously Happy Wife. Also, the groups are fun. You’ll feel good while you’re learning.  

Q: What if I can’t make a group coaching session? You can go to any of our group coaching sessions during the week. We recommend you attend at least one coaching call a week, but you can go as often as you like.  

Q: Who Will be in the Group? The group will be made up of other members just like you who are driven to become happy wives and get their relationships fixed already. 

Q: Can I Get Private Coaching? If you would prefer private coaching, we also have a one-on-one program that starts at $3,000 and this is where you can explore that option:

Q: Can I Return This Program if I Change My Mind? If you might change your mind, this is not the program for you. This program is for committed women who are dedicated to transforming their relationships and becoming happy wives. However, if you implement the program and you can honestly say you didn’t get any value, you can cancel within 14 days and I’ll return every penny.  

Q: I can’t share openly about my relationship challenges because my husband is a prominent person.
Everything you share in your group will be held in strict confidence, and you have the option to use a pseudonym. This is why students here feel safe to share so deeply and personally, which is where the magic happens. We ensure your safety and privacy in every course on our campus and The Ridiculously Happy Wife is no exception.  

I know you’ve been telling yourself that you just need to try harder, but... 


What works is having cheerleaders, access to an expert and regular get-togethers to lift each other up. What works is feeling supported, having more structure and reminders, feeling known and seen by others who are following your story and standing for your greatness as a wife and a woman.

What works is The Ridiculously Happy Wife.  

I can’t wait to hear about your breakthroughs in The Ridiculously Happy Wife, so get in there already!