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Surrendered Wife Crashes Pity Party

In 2005, I met the man of my dreams. He was funny, outgoing, romantic, passionate, talented, smart, kind, caring, generous and extremely sexy! I felt incredible when I was with him. We were engaged eight months later and married soon after.

After nine years of the ups and downs of married life, I was falsely accused of being unfaithful. Shocked and devastated by this accusation, I started a seven-month pity party. It was in this place of despair and living with a man who had become merely a roommate and business partner that Laura’s Intimacy Skills found me. I watched her free Masterclass on the Six Intimacy Skills™ and listened intently as she transparently shared how her marriage had gone from the brink of divorce to a place of intimacy in which she and her husband were both ridiculously happy. I joined her online VIP program and began watching modules and filling out workbooks applying the Intimacy Skills to my own life.

I couldn’t believe how simple it all sounded. Laura gave such practical cheat phrases and challenges that it seemed anyone could do them. My hope grew the more I learned.

I was blessed to go on vacation with my husband and his family just five days after joining SWEW. On this trip I stole time for myself to keep reading, watching, and learning about the Skills. I was committed to transforming my marriage.

That’s when I first had the awareness to recognize disrespect, control, focus on the negative, arguing, and the rejection of gifts, compliments and help. This ugliness was all happening in the beautiful home we had rented. I saw my sister-in-law and step mother-in-law attacking their husbands and my mother-in-law attacking her ex. They seemingly believed they were somehow “bonding” over this “harmless” bashing. The worst part was that prior to this trip, I had joined them! I too had complained of my husband’s shortcomings with laughter and derision. I sat there holding back tears of shame as their “joking” persevered.

The same day, I apologized to my husband for my previous participation in such horribly disrespectful and demeaning conversations. For the first time in a very long time, he looked at me with hope in his eyes and softness in his voice as he said, “Thank you–that means a lot.” I did my best to practice these newly acquired Skills throughout our vacation. We had fun and were the only couple that did not argue–the entire trip!

After arriving home, it was harder to use the Skills and apply duct tape when I wanted to speak my mind. I couldn’t figure out why. I was still experiencing increased intimacy, but my old habits, like offering “help” and defending myself rather than listening, kept sneaking in. It seemed so much harder here.

I trudged forward through lots of ups and downs. I attended the Cherished for Life Weekend in September and started the coach training program in October. In training, I figured out what I was missing: replenishing self-care! I began to see the pattern clearly. When I took the bait to argue, acted with disrespect, or offered “help,” my self-care was minimal. When I was feeling cherished, using the Skills with ease and feeling genuinely happy, my self-care tank was full.

This revelation was a huge turning point. I now truly began to understand that this was all about changing me and not my husband. I increased my self-care, focused on myself and enjoyed the ride.

In December, my husband took me on vacation after I’d stated a desire to travel more. I was gifted with personal and public displays of affection. As we rode on a romantic bike taxi ride, he pulled me close and wrapped his arms around me. He grabbed me, dipped me and passionately kissed me in front of our entire bus tour for a photo opportunity! He held me close as we fell asleep after the fleur-de-lis dropped, marking the start of a brand new year. It was also the start of a new phase of our marriage as, just short of a year since I’d found the Skills, we held hands, laughed and had an incredible trip.

Things continue to get better. I am no longer working summers and am working less during the school year because of my husband’s support. He comes home earlier during the week. He calls me often throughout the day to say hello. He takes most weekends off and fills them with fun activities for us. We have more vacations planned and enjoy talking about our future.

While my marriage isn’t perfect, I feel cherished and adored by my amazing husband! I will be forever grateful to God for Laura, the Skills and my commitment to change myself and my marriage. The best is yet to come! I am a surrendered, empowered wife in love with my husband and my life!

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