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Laura Doyle Certified Relationship Coach

From Surrendered Single to Surrendered Wife:
A Corporate Executive Becomes a Cherished Wife

I was born and raised by hardworking parents, one the descendant of an immigrant and the other an immigrant himself. They always worked at least eight hours a day to be able to improve their financial and educational lives. That way, they were able to give the best to their two daughters.

They taught me to be very independent, strong and determined and never to be 100% reliant on a man. Working and studying abroad as much as I could were praised so I could one day be someone.

I took these lessons to heart—and to an extreme. I was not only independent but very opinionated, defensive and confrontational. It was my way or the highway. I knew I could get what I wanted, but it was always through a fight, an eternal struggle to get things done my way.

When I learned about surrendering, I asked myself many times why I should change and adopt these feminine principles, when my way was taking me where I wanted to be. I had a committed relationship and a nice job calling the shots as a corporate executive. But then, after almost three years together, my boyfriend broke up with me. Apparently, I was not doing things all right. I was heartbroken and desperate. I knew I needed to change.

Once I started surrendering, the fights between me, men and the world subsided. Some of my once favorite sayings, such as “I am right,” “I would like to do it my way—and at my pace,” “Compete to be the best,” and “No thanks, I can do it myself” are gone forever. I have finally reached a stage in my life where I have a feeling of peace that comes directly from the heart.

A month after my breakup, I started reading The Surrendered Single and practicing all the dating tips. It took me around six months to stop crying, but then I had a blast. The principles really helped me to overcome the pain, get stronger and have a lot of fun self-care.

Seven months later, I met my husband. As soon as we were in a committed relationship, I started reading The Surrendered Wife. I needed more of these magical ideas. I saw that I was still trying to control many things and that I had to let them go. I understood my fears but also that I needed to trust and let them go. It was not easy, but I decided to have faith in the principles and apply them, and to expect the best. I also decided to give my boyfriend a chance. As the months passed by, my anxiety was growing, but it finally happened: Nineteen months later, he proposed!

I have now been surrendering for seven years. Daily patience and daily commitment to a lifelong loving and passionate relationship are the secret. Surrendering is a lifestyle—the best I know and one I am grateful every day to have learned.

I live through the Six Intimacy Skills™, and I see my relationship being blessed as a result. I feel I am the luckiest person in the world to have found real, applicable principles that will protect me, my husband and my family forever.

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