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Laura Doyle Certified Relationship Coach

Her Notes to His Song

I have been married for 19 years to the love of my life.

We have a lot in common, including seven gorgeous, healthy children, and he has always been faithful to me. We both love adventure and fun, and are very enterprising and active in our community. My husband is a well-liked headmaster who makes me proud in our community.

I assumed being married meant having children, building a home, and getting along, all of which we were doing. However, as the years went by, even though I was happily married, I felt that something was missing in the symphony of our lives.

The rhythm in my world was not always in sync.

I often felt tired, unaccomplished, and unfulfilled. At times it seemed like I was the only one running our household as a mom, wife, and homemaker, which was quite stressful and overwhelming.

In addition to serving as headmaster, my husband owns a successful real-estate business, which was at one time very unorganized. As a result, we had credit card bills and unpaid loans. We often got red bills and even bailiffs knocking on our doors. The car was towed countless times due to unpaid tickets.

So, it was difficult to have faith and to trust that all would be sorted–one day!

Whenever I brought up the money issue, my husband would calm me down by saying, “Don’t worry. There is money. I’ll sort it out. Leave it to me.”

Nonetheless, I would always pitch in and save the day by lending him cash, which didn’t feel good. Neither did complaining and nagging him to organize the finances. Every time money came up, the air became cold between us. It was deeply upsetting because, on one hand, he was so caring and helpful, a great partner and friend, but on the other he seemed irresponsible and careless.

I felt it was time to change the music in my day-to-day life. I was ready to get inspired and learn some new notes because I wanted harmony in every aspect of our lives.

I listened to many lectures and purchased books like Men Are from Mars. I took a course to find more significance and joy in my world. It was eye-opening to learn that women think differently than men and that we can never change them.

During the course, the speaker encouraged us to purchase Laura Doyle’s book The Surrendered Wife. It was a fascinating read. I discovered the 6 Intimacy Skills™, and I was captivated. I purchased all her books, in print and audio.

Reading that first book made me aware how controlling and nagging I had been in so many ways, including trying to help run the finances, offering suggestions and questioning my husband about his business, even becoming his secretary for a while to try to assist the situation. I had been running our household, thinking it was all up to me, and was exhausted.

Surrendering all that was incredible.

I began to practice the Intimacy Skills by incorporating gratitude into my day-to-day life. Instead of focusing on what he didn’t do according to my likings, I switched my focus to what he did do. I began writing down everything I was grateful to him for, and the list got longer day by day.

I also stopped criticizing and giving him advice, practicing the Skill of respect instead.

The switch in my behavior towards him worked unbelievably fast. It transformed my marriage into an intimate and respectful relationship within a week or two.

When I learnt all the Skills and experimented with them, I was amazed at the results.

I suddenly had time for myself, with more free time for relaxation and self-care. I felt feminine again, finding pleasure in connecting with my own femininity.

There was so much mutual respect in our home. I started to feel not only respect but genuine admiration for my husband.

I stopped noticing little things that would have bothered and stressed me out in the past, like having to pick up his socks from the bedroom floor daily. While it’s no longer a daily chore, I do it with love and pleasure nowadays because having an intimate, loving relationship is so much more important to me.

I learnt to be vulnerable and express my desires in a way that inspires, which led my husband to help out more at home and with the kids. He is around more, helping with bedtime and doing chores, errands, and shopping.

I learnt how to receive graciously, which led him to pile on the gifts. He regularly buys me flowers for Sabbath because he knows it makes me happy.

I proudly began to shower him with gratitudes, notably in the presence of my children, siblings, in-laws and parents, modeling grace and compliments, which had an incredible effect on our whole family attitude. No more of those “Oh, men are so…” conversations occurred in my territory!

Harmony was restored in our home. We quit having disagreements and developed a deeper, more satisfying, melodic relationship. I had nothing to worry about, more to be grateful for, and the passionate, romantic relationship I had always dreamed of.

I wanted to share and gain more support on my new journey, so I decided to join a community of other married women like me and signed up for the online Surrendered Wife Empowered Woman course. It has been such a wonderful, empowering experience.

Practicing the Skills and tuning in at a deeper level was so fulfilling and brought many daily surprises, even miracles, to our lives.

It has transformed all my relationships, including with my siblings, parents, and in-laws. I have learnt to communicate through graciously receiving, relinquishing control, practicing respect, expressing gratitude, and showing vulnerability.

Since I began relinquishing control, we literally stopped getting red bills in the post. My husband seldom gets driving tickets. He happily pays for a regular housekeeper. We get to go on vacations. I receive more gifts than ever before. Our marriage is blissful, fun, and exciting!

There is music in the air.

My husband is the proudest man on earth. He goes on and on about how he loves the new me. Today I feel cherished and adored all the time. With the 6 Intimacy Skills™, I’ve become a woman of valor who writes the notes to the song my husband now sings.

I have shared my successes with friends and family. However, I have a huge passion to share this with the world; therefore, I have trained professionally to become a Laura Doyle Certified Coach. I would love to help Laura Doyle and her team end world divorce.

I believe there is hope for every woman to have the passionate, loving, and peaceful relationship of her dreams. I believe everyone can turn a relationship into one of authenticity, love, accord, and harmony. We all deserve to be cherished and adored.

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