Want to be a Guest on The Empowered Wife Podcast with Laura Doyle?

If you:

1. Have success with fixing something that was broken or painful in your relationship and

2. Are a student of the Six Intimacy Skills through Laura’s books, programs or have worked with a coach and

3. Are willing to share (using a pseudonym or your first name only) the details of your story in an interview with Laura to inspire other women

Then we invite you to apply below!

Please note: We don’t have author, speaker and thought-leader interviews on the Empowered Wife Podcast. That’s just not part of the format. Our focus is on inspiring personal stories of women who fixed their relationships!


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1. What was the biggest problem in your relationship before you learned what you know now about The Intimacy Skills or got support from a coach and the Laura Doyle Community? * 2. What other problems did you face? * 3. What did you realize that you hadn’t realized before about your relationship after finding the Skills? * 4. What did you start to do differently than you had been doing things before? * 5. How did he respond? * 6. How did you know it was working? * 7. If you could tell yourself then what you know now, what would it be? * 8. What is your relationship like now? * 9. What’s your best tip for women who are still struggling and want the kind of relationship you have? * 10. What name would you like to use on the podcast? * First Name * Email * Have You Read any of Laura's Books? *

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