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Certified Relationship Coach

Laura Doyle Certified Relationship Coach

My Story

My parents had a really unhealthy relationship. I saw a lot of pain and unhappiness in their marriage. When I got married I was determined to have a different experience, a passionate, intimate and loving relationship. However married life was a lot harder then I expected. Before I knew it I saw my marriage heading in the same direction as my parents. We were struggling. There were good times but those times soured quickly when their was stress. My family was growing and so was stress, and we grew more distant from each other. Slowly I grew more and more resentful of him. I hated him for not being the way I wanted him to be. I was overworked and felt like I was shouldering the responsibility for our family. I was angry that he spent so much time out of the house, with his friends, taking care of himself, and not with me. I looked down upon him as a husband, a father, and for the way he handled our finances.

We tried couples therapy with a number of therapists. Each experience was a disaster. Either I was the one with problems or he was. We both discovered that we were human! We were assigned homework that he hated and resisted, which in turn made me more mad at him. When I went to therapy on my own I was told that without a lot of therapy my husband would not be able to support me emotionally. I was encouraged to explore my options. I didn’t want to go there… I was committed to making our relationship work.

A friend of mine came over after we had just had an argument. Seeing how distraught I was she shared with me how the book Surrendered Wife had saved her marriage. I was intrigued. She lent me the book and I read it in one sitting. It changed the way I viewed myself and my marriage. I tried to practice the principles and I got great results but I still felt like my husband was emotionally distant from me. It wasn’t until I got private coaching that my relationship took on a new level of connection and closeness. Through coaching I realized how I had a part in the dynamics between us. Getting coaching showed me clearly how to the use the skills to inspire the close and nurturing relationship I had always desired. Suddenly my husband was spending time with me, taking an initiative, he was buying me gifts, helping me, taking an interest in my life. I now look at him as an incredible husband and father. It scares me when I think about how much I could have given up because I didn’t have the skills. I want to empower women with the right tools so they too can have everything they want in their relationship.

If you are married, have children and a lot of stress in your life, I can show you how you and your husband can support each other through these challenges, and strengthen your bond as a couple. It is in your power to enjoy life and to have someone who loves and cherishes you support you through life’s ups and downs.
Laura and I want to help you have the same kind of peace and happiness in your relationship. To learn how, apply for a Discovery Session here.