We’re bringing The Six Intimacy Skills LIVE and In-Person to Australia and New Zealand for the first time!

May 16, 2023 | $137 USD
May 19-21, 2023 | $387 USD

Learn and practice the proven secrets to attracting your man’s time, attention, help and affection in person in Australia or New Zealand!

At these events you will


Get live, interactive training on The Six Intimacy skills™ with the Connection Framework so you can practice the behaviors that lead to feeling desired, cherished and adored by a man every day for life.

Ignite your true desires and take powerful steps toward having the relationship you want and deserve.

Renew your feminine spirit in a fulfilling, interactive, and safe space where you’ll learn to recapture the feeling of being joyously happy.

About The Workshop and the Weekend

If you’d like to restore the passion and playfulness in your relationship then join Laura Doyle Certified Coaches, including Master Coach Kathy Murray for an inspiring, fun and interactive learning experience. Replenish your spirit and connect with like-minded women while you make your marriage shiny and amazing. 

Come to the Empowered Wife Workshop or The Cherished For Life Weekend, Presented by Laura Doyle Certified Coaches

You’ll learn how to: 

Plus, you’ll meet like-minded women and become a part of the worldwide community of women who think that having a great marriage is important. Because it is!

Don’t Miss the Man Panel At The Cherished for Life Weekend

Hear directly from men exactly what they want and look for in a relationship. Ask these men anything and find out what they are really thinking.

These Events are for you if:

If you’re ready for a fun-filled experience where you can step into your feminine power and begin creating the relationship you have always dreamed of, come join us!

Meet the Coaches:

This is your chance to practice The Six Intimacy Skills™ with a like-minded community and Certified Laura Doyle Coaches, including Master Coach Kathy Murray. You’ll hear the coach’s personal stories of how they transformed their broken marriages with The Six Intimacy Skills™ so you can do it too.

Learn and Practice The Six Intimacy Skills™

You’ve heard about The Six Intimacy Skills™ on the Empowered Wife Podcast and in the book The Empowered Wife. You know the transformation that’s possible for women who practice the Skills as part of the Connection Framework. Over 250,000 women have used the Skills to make their broken marriages passionate and peaceful again.


What women are saying!

“Attending this weekend was part of a transformation in my life and in my relationship that I couldn’t have imagined. Today, my relationship is more physically affectionate than it had been since we were newlyweds. I met and got to know other women learning and practicing these skills! We laughed and cried together. We were vulnerable and intimate. I had a blast and made friends that weekend I still have today.

- Sonya M. -

“Gathering with like-minded women and sharing intimately with each other about our relationships at The Cherished for Life Weekend was an incredibly exhilarating, life-changing experience. I heard the answers to relationship questions I’ve been looking for for decades, and I got to see that I’m not alone with my challenges. I danced, laughed and celebrated with what felt like old friends I just met. I felt safe, loved, heard, accepted and understood. I didn’t want it to end.

- Stefanie H. -

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Discover life-changing insights, and training on the tools that lead to a lasting, thriving marriage in the company of amazing women—and YOU!

May 16, 2023 | $137 USD
May 19-21, 2023 | $387 USD

Empowered Wife Workshop and The Cherished for Live Weekend

| $524 USD

Empowered Wife Workshop and The Cherished for Live Weekend

$524 USD

Presented by Laura Doyle Certified Coaches
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As soon as you register we’ll send you the name of the venues. Event locations are confidential until you register. Our events always sell out, so register now so you can book your hotel at an additional cost (from $235AUD per night including breakfast).

Cherished for Life Weekend Hours

Registration includes lunch on Saturday and hors d’oeuvres on Friday night.  

The Empowered Wife Workshop Hours

Registration includes lunch and afternoon tea.

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