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A Second Chance at Love By Darlene Davis

Have you ever felt like you’ve been given a second chance at something? Or have you found yourself wishing that you could have another chance at something that has been left unresolved or incomplete in your life? In 2000, I was blessed with a second chance. A “do-over” with my first love and the father of our only child. We had been apart for almost 20 years and in that...
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How To Hold Your Tongue Without Biting it Off! By Julie Dyess

Have you ever met an attorney that didn’t love to argue? Me neither! Surprisingly, this is not always the best tool to use in a marriage. Even after this realization, I found myself struggling to hold my tongue- without biting it off! When my first marriage ended, it left me crushed. After a few years of damage repair, dating, and personal growth, I met and married my second husband. We were...
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How Little Changes Can Make a Big Impact By Shazia Ali

Not long ago, my marriage was in a rut. Maybe you can relate? There was a deep sense of disconnect between my husband and me, like ships passing in the night. The connection that we once shared was fading and I lived in fear of divorce. I blamed everything around me for the problems in our marriage. I blamed my husband for not giving me the time or attention that I felt I needed. I blamed his...
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An Unexpected Journey By Gladys Diaz

My journey as a Surrendered Wife began quite unexpectedly. When my sister and her group of single women asked me to be their ‘married mentor’ and coach, initially I was hesitant. This group of women wanted me to help teach them what it was to be a married woman and how they could have the same kind of relationship. But I was not in the best place in my marriage. We were not on the verge of...
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How to Recognize Your Dream Guy By Katherine Wong-Velasco

Have you ever found yourself measuring your boyfriend against a pre-determined list of things that he must conform to in order to be “The One”? Perhaps he needs to have a specific profession or income level. Or maybe fit a preferred look or type physically. Maybe he needs to have a certain education for him to appeal to you. I can relate! For many years, I only dated men who met certain...
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Your Little-Girl Dreams By Tatianna Solibun

Did you fantasize about meeting your husband when you were growing up? I certainly did. Like so many little girls, I dreamed of meeting and falling in love with a wonderful man, but after seeing my parents go through a nasty divorce, I began to change my thinking. With all of the emotional trauma that my family and I went through, it was hard to think of marriage as anything but painful,...
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From Frog To Prince By Michelle Edsall

Like most little girls, I always thought I would meet, fall in love with, and marry my very own prince charming, so when I did marry at 21, I believed I had found my happily ever after. But it didn’t take very long for my fairytale to turn into a big, fat, over-ripe pumpkin. After over twenty years of unhappily married life and five children, I was pretty much set on tossing my frog back into...
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Sealed With A Kiss by Sheri Byrd

I thought that I was well seasoned when it came to the daily demands that come with being a military spouse of more than 20 years. I felt like I had achieved a perfect work-life balance, first as an accomplished journalist and public relations director, then a blissful stay-at-home mom, and an aerobic and dance instructor. I was living the dream that was supposed to make modern women happy and...
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How Becoming a Relationship Coach Changed My Life and My Marriage

After 13 years of marriage, I was at my wit’s end. I was frustrated, lonely, exhausted, and felt like giving up. There was no happiness, intimacy, or connection between my husband and me. Each day, the weight of feeling like I had to be all and do all for everyone began to take its toll. I needed someone who understood where I was at on my journey and who could point me in the right direction....
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Little People, Big Divorce Ahead – How Amy Roloff and I Both Screwed Up Our Marriages

Like Kate Gosselin of Jon and Kate Plus Eight and Real Housewife Bethany Frankel, reality show star Amy Roloff of Little People, Big World is breaking her husband’s heart—and ours along with it. The couple recently separated, with Amy’s husband Matt Roloff moving into the guesthouse on their property. It’s not hard to spot the problems in the relationship with the cameras rolling all the...
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