Laura Doyle

Just Because I’m Feminine Doesn’t Mean I’m Not A Feminist

How Can a Feminist Surrender? By Valorie Ness You know what is the absolute worst? Remembering times when you were insufferable, pompous, belligerent and wrong, but too stubborn to admit it. I was often that person. A few years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and silently went off the deep end. To say I was unpleasant would be an understatement. I began drinking even more heavily,...
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Why My Wife’s Approach to Relationships is Better Than Marriage Counseling by John Doyle

When Laura and I first met, she was a 21-year old journalism student at San Jose State University. She had just gone to an event downtown and was dressed to the nines. Having just gotten back from the beach, I was gross and sandy. I had parked my pickup truck and was walking toward my front door and she was standing on her front porch. Laura was the proverbial “girl next door.” Her apartment...
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Self-Care Activities & Why They’re So Essential

Why Self-Care is So Essential by Laura Doyle Whenever a women tells me that she’s having a lot of arguments in her relationship, one of the very first things I ask her is, “How’s your self-care?” Most of the time the response is that she hasn’t had the time to do much for her own enjoyment lately. That happens to all of us sometimes, but since self-care activities are such a vital part...
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Manifested Desire to Marry By Cheryl Johnson

Three years and two dismal divorces ago, I finally met the man of my dreams! Mike and I get along great, make each other laugh, thoroughly enjoy each other’s company, and my friends and family always comment on how happy we look. Nothing was really wrong with our relationship, and we could’ve continued this way, except my friend recommended a book titled The Surrendered Wife by Laura...
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How to Stop Being Controlling in a Relationship

The “I Was Just Trying To Help” Syndrome For a lot of us women, when it comes to our husbands, we have an unconscious refrain jingling in our heads that goes like this: “I know better than he does—I will help him do it right.” With this background music, we quickly develop an air of superiority. We feel qualified to instruct our husbands on how to vacuum the carpet,...
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The Power Of Expressing Gratitude in Relationships

Experience The Power of Gratitude Expressing gratitude in relationships is one of my favorite Intimacy Skills because it has so much power to change my life for the better. When I express gratitude, weather it’s toward my man or my life in general, my focus begins to shift dramatically. When I take time to look around at what I have, where I am, and who my husband is for me, my life seems...
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