Laura Doyle

The Real Reason Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Filed for Divorce

When Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their divorce, I felt sad for those two all-American-looking stars and their three kids. Divorce is always tragic, but especially when it’s somebody that kind of feels like a friend because you’ve seen them in the movies. Despite their very public efforts to stay together–including Ben thanking Jennifer for working hard on their...
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Critical Discovery About Men That Leads To A More Passionate Marriage

Do you see other men tenderly touching their wives and feel like you’d give anything to be treated that way? What if I could show you exactly what to do so your man can’t keep his hands off of you and came home early from work to see you because to him you are the most special, amazing woman in the world? What if you could have that giddy feeling of having him grab you at the waist and pull...
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How Your Parents Set You up to Get Divorced

Your divorce might not be all your fault. Perhaps your parents’ played a role. They were probably terrible role models. Chances are high that they were either 1) divorced, 2) never married or 3) that they’re still married — but not in a way that anybody would want to emulate. There was no Relationships 101 at the schools they sent you to. Where were you supposed to learn how to...
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6 Steps for Women on How to Stop a Divorce

Divorce is like tooth decay: totally preventable for a woman with the right skills and habits. Unfortunately most women didn’t have good relationship role-models. We are largely the product of single parents, broken homes or marriages that we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy — the equivalent of learning oral care from parents with false teeth. We aren’t born with the...
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Just Because I’m Feminine Doesn’t Mean I’m Not A Feminist

How Can a Feminist Surrender? By Valorie Ness You know what is the absolute worst? Remembering times when you were insufferable, pompous, belligerent and wrong, but too stubborn to admit it. I was often that person. A few years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and silently went off the deep end. To say I was unpleasant would be an understatement. I began drinking even more heavily,...
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Why My Wife’s Approach to Relationships is Better Than Marriage Counseling by John Doyle

When Laura and I first met, she was a 21-year old journalism student at San Jose State University. She had just gone to an event downtown and was dressed to the nines. Having just gotten back from the beach, I was gross and sandy. I had parked my pickup truck and was walking toward my front door and she was standing on her front porch. Laura was the proverbial “girl next door.” Her apartment...
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