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Become A Relationship Coach

“Where Miracles Not Only Happen, But They Happen All the Time.” — Thomas Wolfe

Would you like to train with Laura Doyle and learn the Intimacy Skills™ at the highest level for your own relationship and for the women you want to serve? Relationship Coach Training will change your life for the better and let you become part of the circle of LDC Coaches.

Become a Laura Doyle Certified Relationship Coach

Laura Doyle CoachingDo you get a thrill from seeing a broken marriage begin to heal? Would being on a mission to end world divorce inspire you? Does seeing a woman start to honor her feminine gifts give you chills?

Then Laura Doyle’s Relationship Coach Training could be the bridge to living in your purpose.

In this training, my master and senior coaches and I teach you the skills you need to become an outstanding relationship coach who can help your clients create the intimate, passionate, peaceful relationship they crave. But when you finish relationship coach training, you’ll have something even more valuable: The habits that lead to a magical relationship with your man. I know of no better way to give yourself those habits than to teach them to others.

Hearing yourself sharing the principles of intimacy with other women changes you for the better. It reinforces your commitment to being respectful and practicing good self-care to make yourself happy. It inspires you to be receptive and relinquish control. It reminds you to be grateful and vulnerable like never before. It reminds you that you are the Goddess of Fun and Light. As a result, trained Laura Doyle Relationship Coaches float through life knowing that they are cherished, adored, protected, desired and loved.

Is Relationship Coach Training for You?

Relationship Coach Training is for you if:

  • You want to go deeper with the Intimacy Skills in your own life and relationship.
  • You’ve read The Surrendered Wife, The Surrendered Single, The Empowered Wife or Things Will Get as Good as You Can Stand and experienced an awakening that you want to pass on to other women.
  • You’re in job transition and looking to finally do your thing. For example, you’re a stay-at-home mom who wants to coach while your kids are in school, or you’re a professional counselor who wants to add powerful coaching tools to your repertoire. Maybe you’re already a coach and you want to only work with women and have an impact on saving marriages.

Maybe you’re already handing out copies of my books left and right. Maybe you’re already that person whose friends look to you for advice. Maybe you already know this is what you’re meant to do. That’s how it was with me too—I just knew. If that’s the case, what are you waiting for?

If you’re still on the fence, read on and keep asking yourself, “How do I feel? What do I want?” Trust that your desires are your marching orders. Desire is the seat of feminine power.

What Only Relationship Coaches Know

relationship coaching institute
First we show you the tools that hundreds of thousands of women all over the world in 17 languages have used to restore their relationships. Then we show you how to impart them to other women. These tools have been used in the trenches with real women in real relationships since 2001, so we know they work.

But it’s not enough to just have great information for people. We’re also going to give you the tools to be successful.
From there, you’ll decide how many coaching clients fits for you. It may mean adding relationship coaching to your existing employment, or taking a few clients a month for fun and a little extra income. Or maybe you want to make this a full-time business and turn it into a six-figure income.

You may be motivated to take this training solely for personal development. It is the most comprehensive program available for learning the principles of intimacy. You may have a vision to help the women in your place of worship, or your mom’s group or military wives. Maybe you want to only coach women in Mexico, The Netherlands or Hong Kong or Australia. There’s such a need for all of that!

Either way, you’ll find yourself in a community of amazing, like-minded coaches, dedicated to helping each other and our clients. This is a courageous, generous, insightful bunch of women who are attracted to this program.

Class Logistics:

Our trainings are run via video conference service and an online forum. This means you can join in the training from anywhere in the world! All you need is a computer and Internet access.

The Relationship Coach Training by Laura Doyle Connect is run entirely by Laura Doyle and her Master and Senior Coaches who live all across the United States and the world. Her Master and Senior coaches are coaches who also run their own coaching businesses. They know what it means to be a practicing coach! You’ll learn all of the coaching tools and concepts by watching ridiculously fun videos Laura created for you, and then you’ll join Laura live on the phone for eight live classes around these concepts.

The curriculum is based on Laura’s work, which includes all of her books, and her coaching methods.

Her books include The Surrendered Wife, The Surrendered Single, Things Will Get as Good as You Can Stand and her newest book, The Empowered Wife.
You’ll want to read a little about her philosophy to see if they feel right to you before you embark on this training journey. You can check out her blog here:

Each coach training has 3 sections with a maximum of 10 seats available for each course. We run one course at a time at 9AM pacific time on Tuesday mornings and occasionally offer an evening option at 6PM Pacific/9PM Eastern. You will share the online learning forum with all relationship coach training participants. You will also work with a partner coach throughout the course getting individualized support and feedback during your coaching practicum.

The training is open to a maximum of 10 women per session. Most classes sell out weeks in advance, so if you’re ready, submit your interest form above and schedule your discovery session today.

All classes are held over the phone and Internet and are recorded and downloadable so you’ll have your own resource library on your computer by the end of the training.

Classes are at the same time each week throughout the training with occasional breaks for holidays. The next class starts on Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at Noon Eastern Time/9 a.m. Pacific Time.

All training calls are toll-calls, so long-distance charges may apply. For international callers, charges are determined by your local provider. We invite you to try Skype or Google Voice to minimize your cost.

The five-month Relationship Coach Training includes the following classes:

Six Principles of Intimacy taught by Laura Doyle

(Eight 90-minute classes)
You will learn powerful tools for creating an intimate, passionate, peaceful, playful relationship. You’ll also see the Intimacy Skills in action, apply them to your own relationship, get answers to questions and do some coaching with course participants.

  • Week 1: Self-care–The Indispensable First Step to Intimacy
  • Week 2: Gain More Power by Giving Up Control
  • Week 3: The Feminine Art of Receiving Graciously
  • Week 4: How to Inspire a Man by Respecting Him
  • Week 5: Change Your Perception, Change Your Life with Gratitude
  • Week 6: The One Most Critical Ingredient for Intimacy
  • Week 7: The Feminine Approach to Sex
  • Week 8: How to Have Financial Intimacy

Secrets of the World’s Greatest Coaches Practicum, Taught by a practiving Laura Doyle Certified Coach (Eight 90-minute classes)
These practicum classes are where you practice and master the skills and tools. Your instructor will demonstrate tools and give you real-time feedback and support as you give them a go. We work in small groups so everyone has a chance to practice and receive personalized feedback. My instructors pride themselves on creating a supportive environment for you to flex your coaching muscles.


How to Be a Successful Coach, Taught by a practicing Laura Doyle Certified Coach (Five 90-minute classes)
My senior coaches are geniuses at helping you be a successful Coach—they helped me become successful. You’ll learn everything from how to get organized, share your story, and attract clients and how to lead workshops in your community.

  • Week 1: Continued practice with the intimacy skills and overview of what it means to be a Laura Doyle Certified Relationship Coach
  • Week 2: Getting you prepared to accept and receive clients
  • Week 3: Gaining the confidence and know how to lead workshops, lead discovery sessions and coach one-on-one clients
  • Week 4: Learning how to share effectively
  • Week 5: Creating your story, and gathering testimonials

See the complete class schedule here.

If this is calling to you, submit your interest form at the top of this page and schedule a discovery call with one of my team members where she’ll explore your vision and answer your questions.

After training, you have the option to become a Laura Doyle Certified Relationship Coach

relationship coaching certificationIf you wish to become a Laura Doyle Certified Relationship Coach you must be in a committed relationship. During certification you will go through our certification process, which includes:

  • A written and oral exam
  • Submitting your Log of volunteer client hours
  • Submitting Partner Coaching and volunteer client testimonials
  • A final interview with Laura Doyle

The Certification process is designed to assess your coaching skills and test your knowledge of The Six Intimacy skills™. Our coaches will be held to the highest standard and may require additional training if criteria for certification aren’t met. Once you’ve completed the Certification process, you’ll know that you are an effective Laura Doyle Relationship Coach—and so will we! Certification is optional and is not automatic or guaranteed.

Being in a committed relationship is a requirement to sit for certification. This is necessary and there are no exceptions because we know that if you apply the principles of intimacy, a romantic relationship will result. Another ongoing requirement of coaching is attending one training call per month and membership in the Coach’s Solution Private Facebook Group and Coaches Solutions Forum–a place to log on and get support for yourself or a challenging client.

Laura Doyle Coaching Certification

There is an additional fee for certification which is payable at the time you choose to become certified. There is a one year time limit on becoming certified after your training. If more than 12 months has passed since your coach training course ended, you may be required to attend additional training as the certification processes are subject to change and we want to ensure your success.

All coaches who are granted certification receive:

  • Licensing granting you exclusive permission to use The Six Intimacy Skills™
  • A Laura Doyle Certified Relationship Coach Seal.
  • The opportunity to coach referral clients from Laura Doyle Connect.
  • * Publication of your Surrendering Story on Laura Doyle’s web site that also includes your photo and Certification Seal.
  • * One year of free membership to the Coach’s Solutions Forum.
  • ** Marketing Materials, back office support, your own opt in and affiliate tracking links for workshops and following.
  • Special pricing for the Cherished for Life Weekend where we gather as coaches during a special Symposium with Laura and her Master and Senior Coaches
  • Ongoing support and training during weekly Certified Coaches Calls
  • Membership in our exclusive and private Facebook Group
  • Membership in the Moderated Intimacy and Peace Forum for private LDC coaching clients and certified coaches


What I’ve Learned About Ending World Divorce by Training Coaches
by Laura Doyle


Is Laura Doyle’s Relationship Coach Training ICF Certified?

ICF is a different brand of certification that is unrelated to Laura Doyle Coach Certification. Coaching is not a regulated industry, so there is no single legal or professional authority.

Only LDC Certified Coaches are trained and authorized to use our proven, proprietary coaching methodology and coach and teach the world-famous 6 Intimacy Skills. As part of Laura Doyle Connect, our coaches are under the umbrella of a beloved, world-famous brand that includes the New York Times bestselling book The Surrendered Wife and The Empowered Wife, and the Amazon TV series Empowered Wives and the credibility of over 15,000 women who swear by the 6 Intimacy Skills for revitalizing the intimacy, passion and peace in their marriages.

One of the things we’re proud of at LDC is that every coach has had her own transformation in her marriage using the 6 Intimacy Skills, which is the most important qualification to lead another woman to having the same transformation.

How much is the Coach Training?

The investment for the five-month training program is:
$12,497 one-time payment when you pay in full at the time you register, or
4 monthly payments of $3499.25 each. (A $3499.25 deposit is required upon registration)

What is your refund policy?

Our classes are limited to only 10 women, so once your seat is secured with your payment and you are registered, no portion of your payment is refundable.

How do I become certified?

After you finish Relationship Coach Training, you can initiate the certification process:
• Requirement 1: Pay the certification fee of $750
• Requirement 2: 10 logged volunteer client hours.
(You can accrue these hours while in training during section 3.)
• Requirement 3: 21 logged weekly Partner Coaching Calls
• Requirement 4: Be in a committed relationship, and demonstrate that the Intimacy Skills have positively impacted your relationship.
• Requirement 5: Once you’ve met the above criteria, you will schedule your written exam with a Master or Senior Relationship Coach and get feedback. Once you demonstrate that you thoroughly understand the skills by passing the written exam, you will then schedule your oral exam with a Master or Senior Relationship Coach. Once you successfully complete both the written and oral exams you will be certified.

What are the benefits of certification?

• Laura Doyle Certified Relationship logo to place on your marketing materials.
• Access to the Laura Doyle Certified Coach Portal.
• Access to free continuing education classes.
• A certified coach listing on Laura Doyle’s website.
• Permission through licensing to use all coaching tools and Intimacy Skills in live workshops and one-on-one private coaching.
• The recognition of a well-known brand and New York Times bestselling author.

What if I miss a class?

All our classes are recorded and uploaded to your online learning site within 24 hours. Although your attendance will not affect your eligibility for certification, we have found that students who attend class consistently are better prepared for certification.

Can I use my cell phone or Skype for classes?

Joining by computer is ideal so you can see the visuals, the class leader and the other students and avoid possible toll charges. However, you are welcome to join by Skype, Google Voice, or your cell phone. Our conferencing service seems to work well with those connections. No matter how you connect, if we isolate your line as causing interference, we’ll ask that you stay muted or try calling in again.

Are the classes all taught consecutively?

Relationship Coach Training classes are taught consecutively during section one. We design the curriculum to allow you time to “deep practice” and integrate the core concepts, tools and skills throughout the entire six month course. Both sections two and three are taught by master and or senior coaches and also incorporate the skills of section one.

How much homework will there be?

Homework varies but we recommend that you set aside two to three hours per week.

Is there any pre-work or anything I need to do prior to starting Laura’s coach training program?

Yes. To prepare for the training, you may want to read The Surrendered Wife, The Surrendered Single, and The Empowered Wife, (previously, First, Kill All the Marriage Counselors). However, you can complete your reading during your training. These books are not included in your tuition fee, so you may borrow them from the library or purchase them at as needed.

Philosophy: How is Laura Doyle’s Relationship coaching philosophy different?

What is unique about and only available through Laura Doyle Relationship Coaching are the Six Intimacy Skills–the proven system that has inspired and helped over 150,000 women in 17 languages and 28 countries revitalize her relationship by making it playful and passionate again. Without a system–practical, specific things to do and say– coaches are reduced to only listening, encouraging and providing accountability. But in our experience, that simply isn’t enough. If our clients knew how to change by themselves, they would have done it already. Providing coaching around the application of The Six Intimacy Skills gives us an unfair advantage over every relationship coach in the world.
We have a philosophy that each client is the expert on her own life. Only she knows what is best for her. So while we provide training as part of the coaching packages, we don’t tell her what she should do because…we have no idea what’s best for her. Only she knows that. We share our own experiences as women and wives, and support her in making the decision that fits best for her. Showing her the skills helps her make choices where she previously felt like she didn’t have any before. Once she has those options, they are hers to choose…or not. By trusting our clients, we stand for their greatness and bring out their best.

Does St. Monday, Inc, Laura Doyle license or regulate its coaches?

Yes, only our certified relationship coaches are licensed and authorized to use The Six Intimacy Skills in their coaching and workshops. LDC certification signifies coaches have fulfilled the requirements of the relationship coach training course. We stand behind our coaches and are committed to their success. They have joined me in the mission to end world divorce.

LDC Relationship Coach Training is an educational program. Ethics and professional responsibility education have been provided to all coaches who have completed LDC Relationship Coach Training. While it is LDC’s hope that all coaches will conduct themselves at the highest level of professional and ethical standards, LDC cannot be held responsible for the conduct of individual coaches. LDC provides ongoing training and development to all its coaches to ensure the skills are being taught purely.