How to Fix a Toxic Relationship

4 Ways to Repair a Marriage that’s Beyond Repair If you’re seeing the early signs of a toxic relationship, it is scary. It’s distressing to catch your man lying, manipulating or gaslighting you. Living in fear, having to walk on eggshells or being made to think you’re crazy are, well, crazy-making. Whether they’re criticizing or… Read More »

Marriage Coaching vs Counseling

marriage coaching vs counseling

How to Know Which Is Right for Your Relationship What does a marriage coach do? Good question. The realm of marriage coaching can seem mysterious for those of us who have been to individual or couples counseling but never had a coach except in school sports. Marriage counseling is all that any of us had… Read More »

My Husband Is Giving Up on Our Marriage

5 Ways to Save a Marriage when Only One Person Is Trying If you’ve been asking yourself “Why won’t my husband fight for our marriage,” that is such a painful place to be. It’s bewildering when the same man who once said “For better or for worse” appears to have changed his mind. Trying to… Read More »

How to Change Myself to Save My Marriage

Save my Marriage

The 4-Step Self-Improvement Plan He’ll Notice in a Hurry What can you change about yourself to save your marriage? If you’re asking yourself that question, my hat is off to you. Wanting to change myself is not what got me here–I wanted to change my husband! It seemed pretty clear he was the one who… Read More »

How to Be Supportive in a Relationship

6 Ways to Breed Mutual Support (without Becoming His Mother) Whoever came up with the whole “for better or for worse” idea… must have been single. Kidding! You know I’m pro-marriage, but even I admit that it can be maddening. When things are going smoothly, no problemo. There’s nothing better! But throw in some kids,… Read More »