What Makes a Marriage Last Forever? [3 powerful habits]

What Makes a Marriage Last Forever

When you first say the words “I do,” the idea that your marriage will last forever feels like a given. Of course it will! That’s why you’re committing for life in front of God and everybody! You met the right person and he miraculously felt all melty with you just like you did with him.… Read More »

5 Ways to Fix a Sexless Marriage

Ways to fix a sexless Marriage

If you’re anything like me you love feeling desired, and when the physical passion in your relationship is missing or rare, it makes you feel undesirable, which feels awful. Then you wonder if it’s because of the extra pounds or wrinkles turning him off. Or maybe because there’s something wrong with him that he’s not… Read More »

3 Secrets for Preventing an Empty Nest Divorce [+Statistics]

Preventing an Empty Nest Divorce

When your kids leave home to spread their wings, it’s exciting! And bittersweet. It’s what you raised them to do but also a letdown because you won’t get to see them as much and they no longer need you as much, which can leave you feeling empty. If co-parenting was a big part of the… Read More »

3 Things You Can’t Forgive in a Relationship

Things You Can't Forgive in a Relationship

Everybody knows there are some things you can’t just forgive in marriage. You’re probably already thinking of them right now before I say them, right? Like abuse, whether physical, emotional or verbal. It’s terrible. Number two is being cheated on. Whether he’s going to prostitutes or has another woman. It makes you feel like a… Read More »

My Husband Doesn’t Understand Me

My Husband Doesn’t Understand Me

We all want to feel seen, heard and understood. If you’re not feeling understood, it’s like you’re missing a nutrient in your diet, and you start to feel malnourished. I remember feeling this way when I’d listen to my husband talk endlessly about something he was interested in but then as soon as I brought… Read More »