5 Keys to Communication in Marriage

effective communication in marriage

Use These Powerful Words to Get Your Husband’s Full Attention Effective communication in marriage can be elusive. If you’ve already tried communicating the way a psychologist, YouTuber, or even your husband suggested, only to end up fighting anyway, it is so frustrating! Whatever types of communication in marriage you’ve tried, if you’re still feeling unheard, that’s a pretty lonely place to be. It’s easy to feel hopeless–and baffled. What are … Read more…

Tired of Begging for Attention from Husband

tired of begging for attention from husband

You’re 5 Steps Away to a Happier, More Present and Loving Spouse If you’re begging for attention in a relationship, it is so lonely, demoralizing and even demeaning. You shouldn’t have to beg for attention from the man you married! I remember the bad old days when my husband didn’t want to be around me, and they were lousy. Fortunately, I learned a thing or two to turn that around … Read more…

How You Can Help End World Divorce

help end world divorce

Ending world divorce may sound like one very tall order. It might seem like something so big and overwhelming that you can’t imagine how it could happen, never mind how YOU could contribute to such a lofty goal. After all, relationships are falling apart everywhere you look, and it seems so normal, so business-as-usual to hear about people you know or celebrities tragically calling it quits. But what if it … Read more…

What Keeps a Marriage Together

what keeps a marriage together

4 Fail-Safe Secrets to a Long and Happy Romance If you Google “rules for a successful marriage,” tread with caution. Some of the advice tidbits out there are just silly, others downright dangerous. You’ll come across things like a wife suggesting, “Whenever we’re working on something, we make it a point to ask the other person ‘Can I help?’” Screeeeech. If you’ve tried this one out, you may have noticed … Read more…

How to Survive in an Unhappy Marriage

how to survive in an unhappy marriage

4 of My Biggest Secrets to Creating a Lifelong Romance Are you stuck in an unhappy marriage but can’t leave? Maybe you’re in an unhappy marriage with kids, for example, and you really don’t want to see your family torn apart. So you grin (at least sometimes) and bear it. But at what cost? It’s so painful to endure it all: the frustration of not being able to communicate with … Read more…

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