Why Am I So Angry With My Husband?

My husband makes me angry

Why the Romance Turned to Resentment and How to Fall in Love Again I have a nasty confession. I verbally abused my husband. There, I said it. I used to get so angry that I just could not control my temper with him. I know that this doesn’t get talked about much. If your husband is annoying, it’s way easier to focus on his faults than to admit you’re a … Read more…

Recovering From an Affair: The Ultimate Guide to Healing

6 Powerful Ways to Stop the Pain, Keep Your Dignity and Restore Hope When you discover your partner’s infidelity, a horrible sinking feeling washes over you–followed quickly by a wave of denial. “It can’t be true!” you try to reassure yourself, even as another wave of realization pummels you with the truth: This is actually happening to you even though you never thought it would. Being the victim of a … Read more…

When Your Husband Says He Is Done

When Your Husband Says He is Done

4 Ways to Convince Him to Fight for Your Marriage When your husband says he is done or, worse, leaves you, it is devastating. If he has left and you still love him, it’s easy to feel hopeless. It seems like there’s nothing you can do since he has clearly made his mind up. But what if the breakdown in your marriage is actually a doorway to a breakthrough? Here … Read more…

How Does Coronavirus Affect Your Marriage?

Corona Virus Affect Marriage

3 Mistakes Everyone Seems to Be Making and the Simple Fixes

Some people say quarantining with your family because of COVID-19 can be a wonderful bonding time, but what if it just feels like daily drama and conflict?

You’re not alone.

That’s adding stress when you’re already anxious about Coronavirus, financial losses and adjusting your life to the new normal.

Here are the mistakes that everyone seems to be making during quarantine that can lead to wall-to-wall hostility or a cold war, and the simple fixes that will help you restore the playfulness and passion at your house.

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When Love Doesn’t Conquer All

When Love Doesn’t Conquer All

How I Got a Second Chance at True Intimacy
Darlene, Laura Doyle Certified Coach

In 2000, I was blessed with a second chance: a do-over with Jay, my first love and the father of my only child.

Jay and I had not seen each other or even spoken for almost 20 long years. Somehow, neither of us had married or had other children. When we reconnected, we knew that our love story was one that onlyGod could have written, so this time around we wanted to make it official! We got married and became a family for the very first time.

Although we were so committed to making this renewed love work, as with every relationship, life started to challenge us with bumps on the road and the obstacles that come with marriage and family.

I wish I could say that love conquers all, but I had lived through enough to understand that I had to embrace a new way of thinking and being if I wanted the relationship to work this time.

The problem was, I wasn’t sure what that “new way” looked like.

Fortunately, I discovered just in time exactly how to have a passionate and peaceful relationship. Click To Tweet

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