What I’ve Learned About Ending World Divorce

What I’ve Learned About Ending World Divorce by Training Coaches

When I began training workshop leaders in 2002 and began my international coaching organization in 2012, my goal then was the same as it is now: To end world divorce by teaching women the Six Intimacy Skills™.

Over the years, there were more women who reached out to me for help than I could serve so I set out to train women to help me reach clients I would have never been able to reach otherwise. I wanted to reach women in other countries who speak languages I don’t speak, and those who live in places I may never visit or worship in places I’ve never been to.

What I didn’t expect was that the women who enrolled in my coach training program would be such extraordinary human beings.

I didn’t expect so many of them to say coach training was the most life-changing thing they’d ever done.
I didn’t expect to feel so inspired each and every day by the women who train with me, and the senior coaches who teach alongside of me.

My coaches are extraordinary women who transformed their own relationships and having done that courageous work themselves. were willing to tell their own embarrassing stories for the good of another woman who wants to find the intimacy in her relationship. I admire their vulnerability, their commitment and their passion to spreading this work.

I believe training to be a Laura Doyle Certified Relationship Coach helps women become their best selves by honoring themselves like never before, becoming role models in their community and living in their purpose.

We are surrendered empowered women on a mission to end world divorce, one woman, and one relationship at a time. We are women helping women be desired, cherished and adored every day.
During the Coach Training we explore opportunities to use our feminine gifts and practice the skills that have helped over 150,000 women in 27 countries and 16 languages. What emerges throughout the training is our coach trainees gain more confidence in their practice of the skills themselves as well as their ability to support others successfully practicing the skills.

Since all our coaches are extensively trained, it shouldn’t surprise me that when they help another woman revitalize the intimacy, passion and peace in their relationships, they radiate with joy and feel fulfilled. It’s always a thrill to see that.

My coaches are ending world divorce starting with creating the kind of relationship they always dreamed of in their own home. Like the old song that starts, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”
I’m still amazed that I get paid to do the most meaningful, inspiring work on earth (teaching the Intimacy Skills). I know many of my coaches feel the same way.

In a world where relationships sometimes seem bewildering, unsettling, and uncertain, these coaches offer clarity, compassion, and examples, both in the way they live and in the way they coach.

These are precious skills that have helped over 90% of the women we’ve worked with revitalize the connection and intimacy in their relationship compared to the failed attempt of marriage counseling where 75% of those who get traditional behavioral marriage counseling are separated within a year.

This work will only become more valuable as we reach even more women around the world and turn the culture away from dragging him to marriage counseling and instead empower her with the skills that have been proven successful time and again.

If you feel the call to do this kind of work, then say yes to your heart. I can’t wait to get to know you, see you shine and have you as a part of this mission to end world divorce.

~ Laura Doyle

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