006: The Cure for the Selfish Husband


When your husband doesn’t clean up even his part of the mess but just leaves it for you to do or plays video games instead of putting the kids to bed or wants you to notice the yard work he did but never says a word about all the work you do, it can get irritating.

When he makes plans without checking with you, forgets to tell you about them, then disappears when he knew he was supposed to help out with moving the furniture, it can make you resentful.

If your guy sleeps through middle-of-the-night feedings, expects sex whenever he feels like it, and seems to want you to solve all of his problems like the world revolves around him, it’s not only exhausting, it’s lonely.

But there is a solution.

Here’s how to get your selfish man to be more giving so you can get a break.

Here’s what you’ll hear:

  • The question to ask when your husband is being selfish
  • My guest Sonya, was miserable, depressed and alone with her kids because her husband emotionally abandoned her and spent all his time playing poker instead of helping with the family…until she made a discovery, which she’s going to tell us about, that made her husband attentive, tender, and devoted to her happiness.
  • The award for The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week goes to the marital equivalent of trying to win the lottery without buying a ticket. That’s just not how

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