010: How to Talk about Sex, Keep It Steamy and Get What You Want


If the sex in your relationship isn’t all you were hoping for, you’re not alone.

Women tell me there hasn’t been any physical intimacy since the baby was born–and he’s four.

Or that her husband is always after her for sex, but she just feels used.

Or that she’s tired of feeling so rushed and pressured in the bedroom. She’ll say her husband’s idea of foreplay is to say “Brace yourself.”

Of course these women are frustrated, to say the least. And they’re wondering how things are ever going to improve with so much resentment and hurt standing in the way.

Life is too short to suck it up and suffer through an unsatisfying sex life, but what’s the alternative? How do you talk about it?

After all, talking about sex can feel awkward, and talking during sex can kill the moment.

Here are 3 ways to talk about sex, get what you want and still keep things steamy.

Here’s what you’ll hear:

  • Today I’m going to share 3 secret cheat phrases to uplevel your sex life.
  • My guest Christine’s husband slept in the spare bedroom, never initiated sex and rejected her often. She thought there was something very wrong with him. Even though their marriage was okay, she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life feeling starved for sex and wondered if she should maybe outsource that part of the relationship. Instead she found a solution that brought back the passion and skyrocketed the intimacy.
  • The award for The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week is something you hear absolutely everywhere and most people think of as a fact. But it’s the worst!

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