013: How to Make Your Marriage Emotionally Safe


If you’ve ever caught your man lying about where he was, who he was with or what he was doing, you know how much it stings.

If the lies were to cover up his drinking, smoking or who he was with, it can shake you to your core.

After all, how much worse can it get than him lying to his wife? What else is he lying about?

Isn’t honesty a basic requirement of a marriage?

Your friends and family can add fuel to the fire by assuring you that him lying to you is a serious problem.

But before you give him an ultimatum or stop trusting him completely, consider an approach that will preserve the connection between you first.

Here’s What You’ll Hear:

  • What exactly makes you feel safe and able to trust? We’ll talk about how you can create that. It’s probably not what you think.
  • My guest Mila was ashamed to be living with fights and hostility that no one knew about. A month before her due date, her non-commital fiancee announced that he was moving out after the baby came. Today though she enjoys a peaceful, loving home with the same man, who says that marrying her was the “best decision he ever made.” She’s going to give us the scoop on how she created that dramatic turnaround.
  • You have definitely heard the pop-psychology drivel that is winning The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week Award. It sounds convincing but it’s just ridiculous hooey that keeps so many people stuck thinking their relationship is hopeless.

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