015: When Your Husband Is Not Attracted To You


One of the most common problems I hear from wives is, “My husband is not attracted to me anymore.”

It’s always heartbreaking because I remember how lousy that felt.

Like me, these women usually think the problem is either that she married the wrong guy or that her weight, her age, or her post-baby body has made her less beautiful.

And it’s painful to think you don’t look good enough to get a pat on the butt or bedroom eyes anymore.

But how she looks is simply not the issue. Nor is it that she married the wrong guy.

Those weren’t the problems in my marriage when my husband was acting repulsed instead of attracted to me.

Something else entirely was going on, and it was a huge relief to finally discover it and get those butt pats and bedroom eyes back.

The problem was actually pretty simple to fix, and the fix had so many other benefits for me.

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast we’re talking about what to do when your husband is not attracted to you.

Here’s What You’ll Hear:

  • I’ll reveal what the real problem is and why it’s not what you think.
  • My guest Tess was devastated, heartbroken and shocked when her husband fell in love with her best friend, who was a marriage therapist. Her husband was so cold and unloving that she just wanted to leave. Then again…she didn’t really want to leave because she wanted her husband back. Then she made the best decision she ever made. She started doing something that put an end to her insecurities and had her husband declare his undying love for her and her alone. She’s going to share exactly how she did that.
  • The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week is something that just can’t be done. It sounds good in theory…but it’s impossible! And if there’s anything you don’t need when you’re struggling in your relationship it’s impossible advice that’s a setup for failure.

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