018: How To Get Your Husband To Pay Attention To You


How to Get Your Husband to Pay Attention to You

Sometimes it feels like everything else is more important to your husband than you are: work, the kids, whoever is texting him. Even the dog gets more of his time than you do!

You’re craving his attention so much it hurts, and yet the whole day passes–and the next and the next–and he has barely acknowledged that you exist.

It’s easy to get resentful and feel unimportant. Him just asking about your day or sitting next to you on the couch would be so simple to do and go such a long way with you.

But he doesn’t. He won’t.

I still remember what that was like. It was terrible!

Since you can’t control anyone except yourself, how do you get him to improve?

On today’s episode I’ll share:

  • 4 powerful ways to get your man to be attentive. You shouldn’t have to be ignored!
  • My guest Anna’s husband was ignoring her to the point that he didn’t even look up when she walked in the door to their tiny one-room apartment. He even told her she was annoying to talk to on the phone and that he was never going to talk to her on the phone again. And this was when they were newlyweds. But her relationship has come a long way since then and now her husband gives her lots of attention and calls her on his way home from work. She’s going to tell us exactly what she did that attracted her husband’s attention.
  • Then I’ll be giving out the award for The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week which just about everybody I meet heard growing up. You’ll see why it’s such a bummer if you follow it.

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