020: If Your Husband Has Low Self-Esteem


What To Do If Your Guy Has Low Self-esteem?

A confident man is a sexy man.

But an insecure guy is not very appealing.

When you see his doubts and low self-esteem, his indecision or inability to handle a situation you could manage with half your brain tied behind your back, it’s a turnoff.

You start to wonder what you ever saw in the guy. You want him to believe in himself already.

You want to see some conviction and manliness.

Every wife wants her husband to be confident. So how do you cultivate that?

Isn’t it something he’s got or he doesn’t? Can you even influence his self-esteem?

Of course you can. Just not the way you think. Not by telling him to be more confident.

You’re the woman who knows him best in the world, and what you think of him has a profound impact on what he thinks of himself.

Today on the podcast I’m sharing:

  • 11 Ways to Give Him Swashbuckling Swagger and Self-Confidence
  • My guest Joanna was lonely, sad and defeated because her controlling, workaholic husband was avoiding her and didn’t even want to have sex. But today the passion is back and they enjoy spending most of their time together. She’s going to tell us how she did that.
  • Then I’ll be giving out the award for The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week which is directly from a pop song that may have worked its way into your subconscious.

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