021: What If Your Husband Drinks Too Much?


What If Your Husband Drinks Too Much?

Like anyone who drinks too much, your husband gets annoying and stupid when he’s intoxicated.

It might be nice if he never did that, but the bigger question is whether your man’s drinking is over the line.

Maybe he drinks every night, or drinks to oblivion on a regular basis, or gets mean when he drinks.

Maybe he’s missed work, family events, or had run-ins with the law from drinking. Maybe when he gets started he just keeps going on a bender for weeks.

Aren’t those indications that he’s got a problem?

And if he’s got a serious problem, then doesn’t that mean you have one too, since you’re married to a problem drinker, or maybe even an alcoholic?

It’s scary to think about, because we’ve all heard about the financial, emotional, and health problems drunks cause themselves and their families.

But does it have to be that way?

In my experience, wives have tremendous influence over their husband’s drinking. Knowing how to use that influence wisely can make a huge difference.

Today on the podcast I’m sharing:

  • 3 ways you can influence your husband’s drinking for the better.  (Actually, this works for any behavior you want to influence.)
  • Sage’s husband was an insensitive, drunken jerk. She couldn’t live like that so they separated. Today his drinking is no longer a problem and she has her dream.
  • The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week is more like the voice of doom because it will doom your relationship.

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