022: When Your Husband Doesn’t Earn Enough


What to do if my husband doesn’t earn enough?

By the time you’re done listening to this podcast, you’ll know how to inspire your husband to be more prosperous.

What I’m going to share with you is powerful whether he’s out of work, retired, or just under-earning.

But it is not at all obvious. In fact, it’s completely counter-intuitive. At least, it was for me, and has been for many of the women I’ve worked with.

It took me many years to figure this out, and even when I did, it was hard to believe.

But now that I’ve seen it work–not just in my own marriage, but in thousands of marriages all over the world–I can’t deny that it’s ridiculously effective.

The results I see are husbands starting businesses, or growing their businesses, and getting promotions—three in one year, sometimes––or winning sales contests and getting raises.

And it was all because their wives took this scary, but enormously gratifying, approach.

Today on the podcast I’m sharing: 

  • 5 proven ways to inspire your husband to become more prosperous if he doesn’t make enough money.
  • My guest Shelly wanted to leave her angry, negative husband just when the kids were leaving the nest. Instead, she feels connected to him and enjoys going out on dates with him. Here’s how she got there.
  • The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week masquerades as self-respect but it’s a counterfeit that will leave you lonely.

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