039: Four Things About Marriage Counseling That Will Blow Your Mind


Four Things About Marriage Counseling That Will Blow Your Mind

By the time I was trying to find marriage counselors, things were pretty bad at our house.

I wasn’t looking for suggestions on how to improve a good thing; I was looking for ways to hold the marriage together before it self-destructed.

I remember knowing that we just couldn’t figure it out ourselves really helped me to be brave about deciding to go. It was more desperation than courage, actually.

Of course, marriage counseling didn’t turn out to be helpful for us, and since a study at UCLA showed that 75% of couples who got traditional behavioral marriage counseling were separated within a year, it probably hasn’t been the answer for you, either.

So it makes sense to look for an alternative.

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast we’re talking about four things about marriage counseling that will blow your mind:

  • I’ll share four ways you can tell if marriage counseling is actually helping or hurting your relationship.
  • After experiencing 30 years of loneliness and yelling from her narcissistic husband, my guest RoxAnne decided to transform her marriage. She went from the brink of divorce to now enjoying a husband who puts his phone away so he can spend time with her and who clears the table after dinner. RoxAnne’s going to share exactly what she did so you too can revitalize your marriage.
  • The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week paints disagreements in black and white without leaving any room for compromise.

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