046: 3 Secrets Great Relationship Coaches Know


3 Secrets Great Relationship Coaches Know

When you’re struggling in your marriage you just want someone to help you fix it, or fix him or do whatever it is that’s going to help you stop hurting and feeling hopeless.

That’s what relationship coaches do, but most people are more familiar with marriage counseling as the resource for a struggling marriage. So what’s the difference?

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast we’re talking about 3 secrets great relationship coaches know:

  • I’ll share three ways you can begin to transform your marriage today.
  • My guest Kathy is one of the world’s best relationship coaches and she’s going to share the most impactful ways to transform your marriage. What does a master coach know that can help you to feel special, taken care of and adored? Kathy’s going to tell us today, so make sure to take notes!
  • The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week makes marriage sound like a chore.

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