052: 3 Ways to Fix a Broken Marriage


How do I fix my broken marriage?

How do you fix your marriage when it’s been so hard for so long that you just don’t feel like trying anymore?

If you were one of the blog readers who asked that question last week, you reminded me of how exhausting that is. It’s awful.

When you’re already drained, the idea that there’s one more thing you need to do to fix the relationship makes you want to go back to bed! Especially when you know that most of the problems are with your partner’s attitude and actions (or lack thereof).

You’ve been working hard to heal your relationship and being honest about what you need from him, but he never changes and it’s very lonely.

That’s how I felt over 20 years ago, but I haven’t felt that way in a long time.

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast we’re talking about 3 ways to fix a broken marriage:

  • I’ll share easy ways you can transform your relationship without wearing yourself out.
  • My guest Martha already felt like a single mom as her husband was usually withdrawn and always on his phone. When he took a job out of town, things got even worse. Today, Martha’s marriage is nothing short of a dream with a husband who’s playful, protective, attentive, and who loves taking her out on dates. She’s going to tell us how her whole family dynamic changed.
  • The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week sounds reasonable but doesn’t get you very far.

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