058: Recovering From an Affair: The Ultimate Guide to Healing


Recovering From an Affair: The Ultimate Guide to Healing

When you discover your partner’s infidelity, a horrible sinking feeling washes over you–followed quickly by a wave of denial.

“It can’t be true!” you try to reassure yourself, even as another wave of realization pummels you with the truth: This is actually happening to you even though you never thought it would.

Being the victim of a cheating spouse is a heartbreaking sucker punch to the gut.

It’s also terrifying because if the person you trusted to be faithful to you isn’t, that calls everything into question. What’s the point of anything if the love and commitment you thought you had are a sham?

Your happiness and hope are sucked out as though you’ve crossed paths with a dementor from a Harry Potter book.

Is there really hope that you’ll ever stop feeling like a complete fool and feel desired, taken care of and special again?

Of course there is. I’ve seen it too many times to doubt it.

But I get that it does NOT feel that way today.

As hard as it is when you discover your partner’s infidelity, there’s plenty you can do to speed the healing process and come out with an even better marriage than before.

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast we’re talking about recovering from an affair: the ultimate guide to healing:

  • We’ll talk about six steps you can take right now.
  • In the beginning, my guest Michelle and her husband would fight about the conflict that his daughter was causing. But then she discovered something even more painful — she learned that her husband had another woman. Michelle decided to fight for her marriage and now things are better than ever. She’s going to share with us how she did it so you can save your relationship too!
  • The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week suggests that punishing your husband will get you what you want.

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