071: 3 Secrets to Succeeding in Business and Love with the Same Person


3 Secrets to Succeeding in Business and Love with the Same Person

When you work with your spouse, it can be too much togetherness. Plus, if you don’t see things the same way, it often creates tension both at work and at home.

There’s no pressure relief when the work conversation goes on through dinner. And no escaping the problems at home when you leave for work either.

This can stress your marriage big time–or it can be a great way to keep more money in the family and spend more time with the person you chose as your partner in life.

Having experienced it both ways, I’m grateful to know what makes all the difference.

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast we’re talking about 3 secrets to succeeding in business and love with the same person:

  • I’ll share how to revitalize your relationship and improve your bottom line.
  • My guest Deb was giving and doing so much to get her husband’s appreciation, but he was the grumpiest man ever and ignored her as much as he could get away with. She suspected he was a dry drunk, but she encouraged him to drink beer anyway so he would at least talk to her. When his son slapped her across the face, and he didn’t lift a finger to defend her, she brought up divorce, and insisted they go to counseling. But just two weeks in, the counselor happily declared they no longer needed counseling! Today she says her marriage is fantastic and she feels like the passenger while her husband is the chauffeur. She’s going to describe exactly how she changed it for the better.
  • The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week creates problems in your relationship where there were none.

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