074: 2 Steps to Bring Back the Sizzle Even if You’re Not Feeling It


2 Steps to Bring Back the Sizzle Even if You’re Not Feeling It

When you’re falling in love, you’re temporarily insane.

You didn’t even notice things like bad breath or that he has ESPN on all the time or slurps his cereal.

But years into marriage, you not only notice unattractive things about him, you’ve completely lost sight of whatever it was you saw in him.

Why did you marry this guy again?

He’s put on weight. He spends all his spare time on the couch. He’s too harsh with the kids.

All of that takes a toll on how you feel about him.

You don’t want to admit it out loud, but you’re searching Google for some kind of answer because this is not the marriage you envisioned and you want to know your options (i.e., escape route).

You wish you could admire your husband and feel excited about him. But how can you if you’re feeling repulsed?

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast we’re talking about 2 steps to bring back the sizzle even if you’re not feeling it:

  • Find out how you can make your man more exciting and bring back that loving feeling.
  • Almost every conversation my guest Erika had with her husband was an argument that included threats, name-calling, swearing and even occasional physical altercations. They separated. But today, he has moved back and they are happier together than they’ve ever been. They laugh together and she gets huge hugs from her man. She’s going to describe exactly what she did to save her marriage and make it terrific, along with her best tip for wives who want to fix their marriages too.
  • The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week can quickly create drama out of a friendly situation.

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