075: 3 Ways to Resolve Conflicts Quickly


3 Ways to Resolve Conflicts Quickly

When you’re fighting, bickering and snapping at each other, you just want it to stop.

You want him to understand where you’re coming from and make him realize that it’s ridiculous to keep arguing.

Or else you find yourself imagining how nice it would be to be alone, with no one contradicting or finding fault with everything you say.

You’d also love an apology and some assurance that he’ll stop causing so many conflicts with you, the kids, the neighbors and everyone else who crosses his path.

Most of all, you want a peaceful house. But how?

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast we’re talking about 3 ways to resolve conflicts quickly:

  • I’ll share how you can end wall-to-wall hostility in a hurry.
  • My guest Clara didn’t feel loved or appreciated at home. Her husband was cold, sharp and distant. She was so frustrated that he had plenty of time for gaming, but none for chores. She tried using The 6 Intimacy Skills, but found they didn’t work on her husband! Finally she had an “a-ha!” moment, and now her marriage is sweet and tender, and her man helps with everything in the house! He initiates conversations as he knows she loves to talk, and he appreciates her for everything she does. She’s going to share what she realized and how she changed everything in her marriage for the better.
  • The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week encourages you to find evidence that your marriage is doomed.

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