091: How to Keep Drama out of Your Relationship


How to Keep Drama Out of Your Relationship

In the bad old days, when my husband John and I used to fight all the time or have cold wars, there was plenty of drama. When I finally discovered The Six Intimacy Skills, along with the Connection Framework of a community and paying forward what I was learning, our house became peaceful but strangely quiet. Often a client too will report that she feels restless and uncomfortable, wondering if maybe she doesn’t have much in common with him after all.

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast we’re talking about how to keep drama out of your relationship:

  • I’ll share what to do if it feels like something is missing in your relationship.
  • My guest Annie’s marriage was a mess. She and her husband had been separated for seven months, there was another woman, and the divorce papers had been filed. But then she started some new practices. Slowly, her husband came closer. He initiated calls and visits with her more and more, until eventually the other woman just went away. Annie’s sweet husband not only returned, their marriage is better than ever. Now they’re making plans to have another baby! She’s going to share what she did to get rid of that other woman and restore her marriage into the one she always dreamed she would have.
  • The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week is from a syndicated advice columnist who suggests doing something that I tried many times, but it never, ever worked. Join me in rolling my eyes at this inept suggestion!

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