101: Using the Six Intimacy Skills With Everybody!


Using the Six Intimacy Skills™ with Everybody! 

Can you think of someone you have a difficult time with? Whether it’s a family member, colleague, someone in your circle of friends, who in your life is driving you buggy?

If you have someone in mind, good! Because today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast is about using the Six Intimacy Skills with everybody.

You get to be a fly on the wall in our monthly storytelling meeting, which is normally for coaches’ ears only. But my coaches were vulnerable enough to let me share this private meeting because it’s so empowering we couldn’t keep it to ourselves.

That’s because we’re talking about how we use the Intimacy Skills not just with our husbands but with others in our lives too. And how this not only helps us create connection, ease and love everywhere we go but makes us feel more dignified and confident. I’ll share true stories of how Certified Laura Doyle Relationship Coaches have used the Intimacy Skills with everyone they want to feel connection and love with (or at least not animosity and tension), including in-laws, parents, children and friends.

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast we’re talking about using the Six Intimacy Skills with everybody!

These stories will reveal what to do if you have a difficult relationship with anyone and how to get a much better response.

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