104: Insights from the Husband of a Ridiculously Happy Wife: Part 1


Insights from the Husband of a Ridiculously Happy Wife: Part 1

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, I’m sharing insights from the husband of a Ridiculously Happy Wife.

My guest, Len, is not a student or a book reader but rather the husband of a recently certified coach. He generously agreed to be part of our Man Panel series, and today I’m going to get his perspective on the changes in his family as a result of his wife using the Connection Framework and the 6 Intimacy Skills™. Prepare to hear the male perspective on what attracts men to their wives and makes them want to be our heroes.

Imagine that you’re a husband who can’t seem to make your wife happy, even though you’ve tried and tried.

Then, out of nowhere, your wife starts saying things that she never has before, even though you’ve been married a long time. What goes through your head? How do you react?

Len is going to describe his side of the journey when that happened at his house.

I was nervous because I knew I’d want to ask him some deeply personal questions, and I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to do that when you first meet someone.

But Len was very open, generous and willing to share deeply about his marriage, and I have to admit, I learned a lot! I especially loved hearing his reaction when his wife started showing up differently, his thoughts about making her happy, and the transformation that he sees in his family.

Now imagine being his wife, who invited him on the show on my behalf to be a guest and talk openly about their marriage on a podcast that’s downloaded by tens of thousands of listeners! Can you imagine the courage that must take? So I want to give a big shout-out to Len’s wife, Catherine, for fearlessly sharing her husband with us on this podcast! What a great gift.

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