107: Insights from the Husband of a Ridiculously Happy Wife: Part 4


EW Podcast Show #107:  Insights from the Husband of a Ridiculously Happy Wife: Part 4

My guest, Matthew, is not a student on our campus but rather the husband of a new coach. He generously agreed to be part of our Man Panel series, and today I’m going to get his perspective on the changes in his family as a result of his wife using the Connection Framework and the 6 Intimacy Skills™. He’s also going to answer anonymous questions from students on the husband’s perspective. So get ready to hear what makes a man feel attracted to his wife and want to be her hero.

Matthew has had an extraordinary transformation in the last couple of years. He’ll describe what it was like at his house before his wife started studying the Intimacy Skills along with the Connection Framework and what it’s like now. He’s going to explain why he gives his wife credit for his 18 months of sobriety and his 80-pound weight loss and how she motivated him to make those changes.

Matthew melted me right from the start of the interview, when he described how he feels about his wife. It was humbling to hear his remarkable side of the story and his reactions to the changes as his wife was working to become a certified relationship coach. I learned so much from Matthew, who is one brave, open, and accountable guy!

Now, imagine being his wife, who invited him on the show on my behalf to be a guest and talk openly about their marriage on a podcast that’s downloaded by tens of thousands of listeners! Can you imagine the courage that must take? So I want to give a big shout-out to Matthew’s wife for the gift of her husband sharing with us on this podcast! I’m incredibly grateful for your generosity and determination!

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