111: How to Stop Walking on Eggshells when He Yells


How to Stop Walking on Eggshells when He Yells

When you live with someone who loses his cool, it’s very scary and draining. It seems logical to try to minimize those blow-ups however you can. You try to keep the kids quiet or keep quiet yourself or just agree with him or remove yourself when you feel the tension rise. It’s exhausting to always be thinking about how to keep the drama from happening.

Even worse, it doesn’t always work, which makes the whole thing even more terrifying and tiring. When your best efforts to keep him calm by sucking it up don’t stop him from blowing up, it’s the worst!

But what if there were something you could do that would not only make things more peaceful at your house but would relieve you from the burden of trying to guess when outbursts will happen and how to prevent them?

Wouldn’t that be empowering? And a relief?

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, we’re talking about how to stop walking on eggshells when he yells:

  • Master Coach Kathy Murray interviews a student who was lonely and sad that her husband didn’t love her or want to spend time with her, but she didn’t know why. Then she made some changes, and now her husband seeks out her company, conversation, and her hand for holding. He told her, “This is the best thing you could have done for us.” What exactly did she do? She’s going to share the specific steps she took so you can take them too, including joining the FREE Adored Wife Challenge, which starts on January 10, 2022.
  • The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week, about how a wife should handle her husband’s low self-esteem, is just two words, which could devastate this young family if she follows them.

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