114: 4 Fail-Safe Secrets to a Long and Happy Romance


4 Fail-Safe Secrets to a Long and Happy Romance

If there really are sure-fire secrets to a long and happy romance, wouldn’t you think somebody would write them down and teach them in every high school all over the world?

Is there anything more important to learn in life than how to make your marriage last and thrive? I can’t think of it.

Couldn’t they throw in a few tips about how your husband will react to certain things you do alongside how the elements on the periodic table will react to each other in chemistry class?

It really is puzzling to me that the crucial “elements” of a lasting romance aren’t passed along in schools, which is why most people don’t know them and they continue to be secrets!

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, we’re talking about 4 fail-safe secrets to a long and happy romance.

  • I’ll share the simple secrets I wish every woman knew, which I use every day.
  • My guest Crystal’s marriage was like a fairytale from the beginning, but ten years in, she realized she was full of anger and felt only distance from her husband. Nor did she want to be respectful, appreciative or stop controlling her husband–she wanted him to be respectful, appreciative and stop controlling her! But she started to experiment anyway and he mirrored back to her the new way she was showing up. Now, that deep resentment has left and they are best friends who laugh together a lot. She feels deeply loved.
  • The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week is about how divorce can be healthy! And hopeful! I’ll be making fun of THAT advice big time.

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