115: How to Get More Help from Your Husband


How to Get More Help from Your Husband

It’s so lonely and exhausting when you feel like the only one responsible for everything at your house. I remember how stressful it was when I was the sole breadwinner at our house and felt like I was doing all the housework and bill paying too. Talk about overwhelmed! And resentful.

Not anymore though. Now I marvel at how my husband does so much and I do so little! It feels like he does 90% and I do 10%. And you know what’s so strange? We’re both happy about it. So much happier than we were in the bad old days. So to say he helps more is an understatement. I get WAY more help, and not because I made a list of chores for him in Excel and put it on the refrigerator either, like I had done unsuccessfully for years.

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, we’re talking about how to get more help from your husband:

  • I’ll share the mistakes I was making that prevented my husband from helping me.
  • My guest Kelly had no help from her husband with their home or their children, along with no appreciation or empathy, no communication, and worst of all, no connection. She struggled with PTSD and her husband had a narcissistic parent, so they both had challenges from day one of the relationship. Then Kelly had an insight about how she was contributing to the nightmare she was living, and she changed it up. Today, she says her marriage is a dream–better than it was in the beginning, which she didn’t think possible. She’s going to describe exactly what she did so you can do it too.
  • The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week is to criticize your spouse then make him put a quarter in a jar. I’ll tell you all about this cockamamy concept so we can make fun of it behind its back together.

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