118: The Key to Creating Mind-Blowing Intimacy


The Key to Creating Mind-Blowing Intimacy 

If you’re longing for intimacy with your man like I used to and not getting it, you may not feel like there’s a key to creating it. If it’s just been so long since you felt emotionally, physically and spiritually intimate, you may have steeled yourself so you don’t even feel the longing anymore. That’s a logical thing to do if you keep hoping and keep getting let down. I felt the same way in the bad old days of my marriage.

But staying guarded and giving up on intimacy wasn’t a real solution. For one thing, the pain was still there, gnawing at me. Even worse, hardening my heart like that was pretty much guaranteeing that I would NEVER have the soft, mushy connection I had long dreamed of having.

That’s because there is a formula for creating intimacy.

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast we’re talking about the key to creating mind-blowing intimacy:

  • I’ll share a crucial ingredient to the formula for intimacy.
  • My guest Danielle’s husband traveled a lot but couldn’t even make the time to call her. She felt so unloved. They were speaking past each other and the more unheard she felt, the more she nagged. It was ugly! But when Danielle changed it up, her husband chatted and chatted with her and is now always checking in on her. She says she realizes she has a great man who loves her and does want to help!
  • The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week is from a Facebook meme that sounds just like conventional wisdom.

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