124: 4 Solutions When Your Husband Doesn’t Like You


4 Solutions When Your Husband Doesn’t Like You

When it’s clear your husband doesn’t like you, it feels really bad. Maybe he doesn’t say it with words, but if he’s always avoiding you, doesn’t want to talk, won’t come in for spontaneous kisses or cuddles and just stares at his phone when you try to engage with him, that’s a painful kind of rejection.

It kinda makes you not like him either! And then you think what is the point of being married if we don’t even like each other? It’s annoying. And sad.

If you’re anything like me though, even if you don’t like your husband at the moment, you still want him to like you. I like being liked.

Or maybe you do still like him, but you’re also hurting from knowing he doesn’t like you, which feels very personal.

People even say, “I love this person, but I don’t like them right now.” Meaning, I’m committed, but I’m not finding much enjoyment from my relationship with them right now.

So the underlying message of feeling unliked by your husband is: “I don’t enjoy your company.” Ouch!

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, we’re talking about solutions when your husband doesn’t like you:

  • I’ll share four things you can do without his conscious effort to enjoy more and be more enjoyable.
  • My guest Victoria cried to her mother a lot about not being her husband’s number one priority. She was obsessed with him, but he was indifferent to her. On the rare occasions he wasn’t working, he would find other things to keep him busy, which really hurt. Plus, he was missing out on the wonder years with their two little boys, and they were missing him. Not any more though. Today she says she has her dream relationship being married to her best friend. All they do is play and joke and spend every waking moment together and with their boys. Dancing in the kitchen is a weekly occurrence, and their sex life is better than it has ever been! She’s going to share the things she did so you can do them too!
  • The worst advice of the week award winner was sent to me by a student who found a syndicated advice columnist’s answers appalling. And so did I! It’s good advice if what you want is to break up your family.

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