147: 3 Things you Can’t Forgive in a Relationship


3 Things You Can’t Forgive in a Relationship

Everybody knows there are some things you can’t just forgive in marriage. You’re probably already thinking of them right now before I say them, right? 

Like abuse. Physical, emotional or verbal. It’s terrible.

Two is being cheated on. Whether he’s going to prostitutes or has another woman, it makes you feel like a doormat and a fool. It’s awful.

And three is being with an addict who abuses drugs or alcohol. That’s so unpredictable you never know what might happen, which is a painful way to live.

Logically speaking, you can’t just forgive and carry on with the status quo in those situations. You can either choose endless suffering in your marriage, option A. Or you can give up on your dreams of a lasting, happy marriage and tear apart your family, option B.

What if there’s another option? What if there’s a third way? 

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, we’re talking about what really works with the big, stubborn, scary problems in a marriage.

  • I’ll reveal how you can become empowered to write your own story.
  • My guest Sam was burned out in her marriage and her life. She was doing everything she could for her husband, but she really just wanted to run away. Her daughter even told her to just leave! Instead she started two new habits that turned out to be life changing, and today her marriage is peaceful, joyful, intimate and vulnerable. Her husband sends her long-stem roses at work. She’s going to tell us how she did it so you can do it too!
  • This week’s Worst Relationship Advice of the Week Award goes to an article about how to get your husband’s attention without begging for it, and it’s a great way to make yourself seem desperate and insecure.

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3 Things You Can’t Forgive in a Relationship

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