This Happens When Your Marriage Drama Ends


This Happens When Your Marriage Drama Ends

When my marriage was full of drama, it was incredibly taxing. I felt so overwhelmed and consumed by our problems. It was painful and exhausting to fight all the time and to feel so hopeless that it would ever get better. It robbed me of energy for other relationships, work, and having fun. 

What I know now is that anything that’s sucking out a lot of energy and focus pulls you away from your true calling.

And since so many relationships are falling apart, that means that many people are losing vital energy on Needless Emotional Turmoil. The important things they’re supposed to be contributing, things they’re called to do and the world desperately needs them to do, are not getting the time and energy they deserve. 

If you’re in survival mode in your relationship like I was, you may not even know what your calling is!

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, we’re talking about what happens when your marriage drama ends.

  • I’ll share what could be waiting for you in the rest of your life when you finally get to the place where you stop wasting energy on Needless Emotional Turmoil about your marriage and make it last and thrive. 
  • My guest Kathy and her husband had been sleeping in separate beds for six months. She didn’t think he would ever change, but then she got the Six Intimacy Skills™. That was 20 years ago, and she gets tears in her eyes when she talks about how wonderful her marriage still is. She became a Certified Laura Doyle Relationship Coach then a Master Relationship Coach then a Master Coach for Relationship Coaches and the CEO of a multimillion-dollar coaching organization. She’s going to talk with us about what happens when you end your relationship drama for good. 

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