158: 2 Cures for an Emotionally Detached Husband


2 Cures for an Emotionally Detached Husband

When your husband is there but not there, it’s lonely. It’s also stressful and exhausting. When you’re reaching out trying to get reassurance and he doesn’t respond, it only reinforces how disconnected you are, which hurts. A lot.

If this goes on for a long time, you feel a wave of hopelessness that it will never get better because that’s just who he is. Then you feel disappointed that you didn’t see it sooner, before you chose him. 

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, we’re talking about two cures for an emotionally detached husband.

  • I’ll share why his emotional detachment doesn’t have to be a life sentence of loneliness. 
  • Plus, my guest Sarah was appalled by her man’s health choices because of what he ate, drank and smoked. She felt that his views on raising children could be a dealbreaker. But then she read something that gave her some answers and there was a huge change. She now trusts him wholeheartedly. She’s going to describe what she did so you can do it too.  

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