167: Step-by-Step Instructions on Fixing Your Marriage (The New EW book)


Step-by-Step Instructions on Fixing Your Marriage (The New EW book)

When I first interviewed happily married women on their secrets, they said these crazy things that made no sense to me. But I was desperate enough to try what they said, and that’s when I got my miracle. My husband showed up like the man who had wooed me again, the one I’d fallen in love with. And he’s been showing up that same way ever since. 

This was a mind-blowing discovery for me because what those women told me was sooooo different from what I saw modeled by my parents, who got divorced. No coincidence, right? Of course divorced or unhappily married people aren’t the best resource for practices that make a marriage last and thrive. 

So the crazy ideas were actually the things that worked to make marriage playful and passionate. Who knew that women with actual happy marriages would know what actually works, right? 

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, we’re talking about step-by-step instructions on fixing your marriage.

  • I’ll share an easy way you can help end world divorce—and some exciting news!
  • Plus, my guest Suzette kept having explosive arguments with her cold, distant husband. She was so lonely. But she made some very specific changes and today her marriage is fun, easy and full of cuddles and playfulness. Even friends and family members have commented on the miracle in her family. Her husband tells his friends to have their wives listen to this podcast. She’s going to explain exactly how she did it. 


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