176: Your Journey to Becoming a Ridiculously Happy Wife


Your Journey to Becoming a Ridiculously Happy Wife

When you’re struggling in your marriage because you’re getting hurt, neglected or criticized, it’s so discouraging and draining. 

Maybe your husband has a big character defect that is dragging you down and you don’t see it ever changing, so it doesn’t seem possible to become a ridiculously happy wife.

And that’s especially true if you’ve been practicing the Six Intimacy Skills™ and they’re just not working. You might start to feel like your situation is hopeless.

Or maybe the Intimacy Skills have improved some things for you, but there are still thing you don’t like but feel you just have to accept, even though it’s depressing to think about living the rest of your life that way. 

Well, I’m not interested in having you suck it up and just accept some part of your marriage is miserable. I want you to have your birthright as a woman, which is to feel desired, taken care of and special—even if the problems in your marriage seem unfixable. 

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, we’re talking about YOUR journey to becoming a ridiculously happy wife.

  • I’ll share why I’m not giving up until you get the marriage you dreamed you would have when you were a little girl, even if you think you weren’t a very realistic little girl. 
  • My guest Anna and her husband fought a LOT. Things even got broken sometimes and she got called nasty names and threatened with divorce. When she started using the Six Intimacy Skills, he was suspicious and sarcastic. But today they have a beautiful marriage, the best it’s ever been. How did she do it? She’s going to tell us so you can do it too.


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