178: Ending World Divorce Update


Ending World Divorce Update

I’m on a mission to end world divorce and know that you are too. Now imagine how great it will be when the social norm is that couples stay together. I don’t mean they suck it up and stay together in separate rooms for the kids. No, I mean they stay together because there’s a culture that when you’re going through a rough time, feeling lonely, discouraged, or unloved, there is also a stand for you that the two of you will make it through that rough time and get to the good times. 

On this episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, today’s hot topic is the Ending World Divorce Update. 

  • I’m super excited to let you in on the latest developments in our mission. 
  • My guests today are eight women who once struggled in their marriages but used the Six Intimacy Skills™ and the Connection Framework not only to make their marriages shiny but also to become highly admired relationship coaches who now help other women fix their marriages! They have cooked up something special for you, which I can’t wait to share with you! You’re also going to hear their inspiring stories.


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