180: 3 Secrets to Rebuilding Trust in Marriage


3 Secrets to Rebuilding Trust in Marriage

If you’re trying to fathom how you could ever rebuild the trust in your marriage, it means you’ve had it broken in a big way. That’s so painful and scary because it seems permanent! If he let you down, you may feel like you’d be a sucker to trust him again. Whether he lied, cheated or spent money recklessly, it’s completely natural to feel like vigilance, not trust, would be the smarter route. 

Or, if you feel responsible for breaking your husband’s trust, you might also be struggling with how to get that back, which is scary and can fill you with regret.

Wanting to rebuild trust is like saying you want to be the woman who expects the best from your husband and who gives him her best too. The good news is that you can be her again, and your husband can be the man who deserves your trust. Or vice versa.

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, we’re talking about 3 secrets to rebuilding trust in marriage.

  • I’ll share a powerful exercise that will help you restore the trust in both directions.
  • My guest Grace took an online quiz and realized she was a victim of domestic violence. She followed what the books, counselors and social workers told her to do, which was to separate. But she didn’t want to end her marriage, so she did something radical and simple but surprisingly effective to fix her marriage. Her husband still doesn’t know what she did, but she’s going to tell us so you can do it too.

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